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“But beloved, do not forget this one thing, that with the LORD one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.
The LORD is not slack concerning His promises, as some count slackness, but is long suffering toward us, not willing that any should perish but that all should come to repentance” 2 Peter 3:8-9


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Before CHRIST will ultimately come the second time and wrought victory over the world and it’s wickedness, there is a kind of victory HE desires for His saints on earth . . .

Unlike we all have been made to believe, what CHRIST desires is beyond wroughting miracles that come in season or divination of what has happened or what is going to happen. Wat HE came for is far more than what Nathaniels if today are thinking with their natural minds.


2Samuel 7: 1-7

A LEADER’s destination is to a place where he would eventually becomes a RULER of those he leads and those he does not lead. At this point he would begin to reign in the affairs of men based on his decisions and the counsel of those he leads . . .

When the time to rule comes, those he has been leading would become governors, captains of fifties and thousands and caretakers of territories he rules.Leading is a prerequisite to rulership that also helps in grooming people that would lead groups of people in time of the ruler’s reign.


1Samuel 3:1-5; Genesis 49:3

In any war or battle, the most saddening and devastating outcome each of the sides would want to prevent is the loss of the lives of children. These are supposed to be custodians or bearers of posterity for generations to come. There are battles needed to be fought before any one tries to procreate and be responsible for lives . . .

It is something to ponder that though David had three wives, he did not bear children until his adversaries could no longer pose a threat to his family, especially the children.

As it is imperative to marry right at the right time, so it is imperative to give birth to children at the right and conducive time for their nurturing. Children must be born in might and the beginning of strength as well as the excellency of strength and power.

This is because they must grow and be nurtured in a condition that is controlled by the parents and that prepares them for what the future holds. They must be raised in an environment that has been taken charged by the people that are meant to nurture them. Their grooming/growing place must be secured!



1Samuel 30: 26-31

What is the essence conquest without peace as the result? There is no wisdom in deliberately turning a friend to a foe by ignoring what needs to be done.

Our conquest is not on the territories we are fighting to protect and present before the LORD even though their hearts must be conquered. Leadership would later turn into rulership and God’s motive is always to rule His people in peace.

All the conquest of David was for Israel and Judah so it would be foolish not to take Judah into account after his victory over Amalek. A man of peace must understand that his war is against the enemies of peace and that a lover of peace could cause war and chaos if he ignores the very people he has been fighting for . . .

There must be a connection between what we do and the people we serve . . . Spoils of war should be evident in the lives of those we are fighting for. Even though our journey of leadership is that of faith, there are people who are still in the realm of seeing is believing . . . and whatever we do by faith must be a testimony to heighten their belief in GOD.


DAVIDIC LEADERSHIP: Equity and Equality

1Samuel 30: 21-25

On the path of leadership, it must be known and understood that strength and responsibility should not be mistaken for one another. Having strength is one thing and having a willing heart is another . . . A man who has both is blessed!

This is where equity comes in: every man must be given work to do according to his strength.

This is where equality comes in: every man is seen as responsible based on the faithfulness in diligently doing the work given/assigned to him.

David knew this and would not let the “strong” have dominion over the “weak”. Even God gives us work to do according to our faith in HIM (i.e. stature). But in the end, what HE delights to see is that the Status and Stature are growing together inseparably.


DAVIDIC LEADERSHIP: Response to Distress

1Samuel 30: 1-10

On the path of leadership, there are many who tread the same path afterwards . . . This means that the weight of many people are on your shoulders because they look up to God through you and also because they are in their position because if your leadership.

A follower might not respond to adversity or distress very well but a leader must learn how to do so because without a proper response, doom ad destruction awaits.

The proper response was what David did when his men were about to stone him – he turned to the LORD and received strength from HIM. He did not react to their distress because reaction is an opposite force to action. He was not ready to defend himself before his men but turn to God for strength and he got it. His action was more of response than reaction . . .

Our action towards distress must be response and not reaction . . . There are so many things that would not go as planned not because God is not able to make things happen but because there are obstacles and oppositions all around waging war against the reality of God. OUR HELP IN TIMES OF DISTRESS COMES FROM THE LORD! We must keep looking up to HIM as the Author and Finisher of the Faith that initiated our journey in HIM!



1Samuel 24: 3-7; 26:7-12; 2Samuel 1:1-16

The path of leadership God has set for any man is a path that is laden with Honour . . . A leadership that would respect God’s pattern and process as opposed to the shortcuts to achievements that other paths of leadership is making available for those who tread them.

David would have killed Saul twice when he had the chance but he honored the anointing upon him. He was able to put Honour first whenever opportunities presented themselves . . . And this Honour was not initially directed towards men or things but towards GOD. He would not enforce justice on the platter of unrighteousness but rather wait for God’s appointed time when the conditions would be right or when God decided to act.

A Yoruba adage says “A man who embarks on a journey to get money, and finds Honour on the way must retire because when he gets money, Honour is what he would use it to buy”. But to a man on the path of Leadership God sets, Honour is still a means and also an integral part of what would take him to the destination.

When every opportunity (be it conquest or wealth) presents itself to us on the path of leadership, we must Honour God by letting HIM decide what our response should be. Sometimes, God puts situations before and around us to know how much we revere HIM and how much we Honour HIS people no matter their waywardness or unrighteous ways.



1Samuel 22:3-5; Nehemiah 8: 7-10

When GOD gives a word, it’s understanding can only be given by doing according this given word. When David told the king of Moab about learning what GOD would do for him, it was not staying put in the cave if Adullam even though it was his stronghold but going out of it in order to realize the Word of the LORD given to him when He was alone with GOD.

Anyone in the path of leadership must realize that ern though safety is of importance, exploit according to GOD’s given Word is what assures a safety that would last longer than one’a time on earth.

And GOD in HIS mercy knows our capability with respect to the Word HE wants to accomplish through us wen while we tread on the path of leadership. Because of this, HE institutes commands/commandments that serve as gracious guides as we journey through life. HIS commands are meant to help us know what to do per time as the obedience of these commands would bring outcomes (be it pleasant or unpleasant) that would make us come to the understanding of HIS intentions at particular points in time.

HE makes our obedience (through works) and understanding inseparable so that as HIS Glory is evident in whatever we do, joy would also fill our hearts thereby strengthening us to obey HIM more and more willingly.

There is a higher level of understanding that comes by doing and this is what GOD desires for any man on the path of Leadership. But learning by doing can only be accomplished through Faith in the ONE that gives the commands/commandments.



1Samuel 19:18-24; 22: 1-4; 1Chronicles 11:15-16

After being alone with God and He has set our feet on the path that we must tread, there would always be a *place* assigned. Even though the true place is of the heart of man and of God, there is need for a physical representation where the atmosphere is conditioned by God’s presence.

For David, the place was the Cave of Adullam where he tarried till his people gathered around him for the journey . . . People that were just like him and perhaps worse. What made him their commander was his sense of direction and the provisions he received from God. These were what qualified him to be a leader (someone who has gone ahead to do what others are expected to do).

The place is not a place for those who are not part of one’s journey of leadership . . . The place is where focus is placed on how to successful complete the journey.

Initially, Cave of Adullam was a place for refuge and gathering for David but later turned out to be the place where victory is assured. There is always something special and unique about God’s designated place for a man on the path of leadership.

For Samuel, the place was Naioth in Ramah where Saul and his army prophesied against their wish to capture David and anyone who would dare to defend him. And as a leader like Samuel, David also found his place of refuge, gathering and victory. The True Place is our position in God’s heart and vice versa. And it is our position that facilitates True Victory the LORD desires for everyone.

The place is where grooming begins; where the leader begins to relate to his company what God has given (or relating to) him for the journey yet to be completed. It is where the purpose of God is broken down for the purpose of understanding and most times it must be efficiently backed up by affections.

If you are on the path to leadership, seek GOD’s heart take abode there in, open your heart too and let HIM come . . . Then HE would by HIMSELF lead you that Place HE has prepared for your Refuge, Gathering, Grooming and Victory.