Yoke and Burden

In Matthew 11: 28, JESUS was talking about giving us rest. But HE made it clear that the rest HE promised can only be attained if we accept HIS yoke and burden.

What then is the yoke and what is the burden?

When two animals are yoked together, it is for the purpose of doing a defined work on the field. And for this work to be a success, both animals must agree.

In any system, there is always yoke and burden in form of laws and responsibilities. If you accept the laws (yoke) of Nigeria, the question would be what are your responsibilities in the confines of these laws? Are you fulfilling the laws as a lawyer or as a banker or engineer? What makes you a bona fide citizen or a patriot is your role in enforcing these laws according to your profession or engagements.

The same goes for our lives in CHRIST! The Law of The Spirit is what yokes us with CHRIST and the responsibilities (purpose) assigned to us in order to enforce this Law on earth are the burdens. The question every one must ask is now that I am yoked with CHRIST, what is my burden? What am I meant to carry? What am I saved to do?!

JESUS was not going to save us from the yoke and burden of pharaoh/egypt just to be dormant in HIM/Canaan. What He said was that the kind of yoke and burden HE has in mind for us in Canaan is rest compared to what pharaoh is offering in egypt.

Yoking with CHRIST and carrying HIS burden do not guarantee our rest if we are not submissive to HIM.

Since HE is the ‘Strong One’, most of the burdens would be carried by HIM so the burden is LIGHT!

Since HE is the ‘Strong One’, moving while HE is staying and staying while HE is moving would only cause damage to us (‘weak ones’). The yoke will only be EASY if we do exactly what HE does!

Peace To The Wise!

Responsibility of the Weak and the Strong

There is nothing bad in being weak or being strong; it is what is done in response to these scenarios that matters.

People always fail to realize that whatever situation we find ourselves, responsibility is what is needed to scale through . . .

When weakness is exposed or known, then it is time to learn from those who are strong and for those whose strength has been revealed, it is time to serve those who are weak.

This is how fellowship works and how we can all grow to be equal by nurture as we are by nature. It is education gained by the means of fellowship . . .

Peace To The Wise!

Life . . .

What is the reason for life?

What is the life of man and The Life of GOD?

How did the two connect or relate to one another?

What is the glory of GOD and how is it important to man?

These questions can be simply answered by defining the Glory of GOD as the situation whereby the life of man is defined by [or aligns with] The Life of GOD . . . When the essence of man mirrors the express essence of GOD both in image and in likeness.

The Spirit of GOD is the umpire that facilitates the sync between man and GOD but it is a union that will render the man ‘useless’ to the world he comes from.

Of what value is the life of man then, if he is not yet connected to GOD through CHRIST as directed by The HOLY SPIRIT? To the world I would seem to be alive but to GOD, I am as good as DEAD.

The solution to the life of man is The Life GOD offers . . . The Life that makes HIM who HE is!

The reason for life as designed in the BEGINNING is still the reason GOD is offering HIS Life to us in this present time even till the END.

Peace To The Wise!

Work . . . Don’t Worry!

Nehemiah 4: 1-2, 6

Our mind has the power to make our decisions take possession of our lives. So when a man set his mind on GODly (evidently noble) things, everything else pertaining to him begins to mirror these things. His/her life will function based on the priorities placed on the mind.

So when a man put his mind to worry all the time, everything around him begins to wear him down because he has set his mind to deliberately weigh itself down. But when a man put his mind to noble works, his mind begins to replenish itself and everything around him including his mind begins to function well.

So when you put your mind to work, make sure it is for the GODly things that confers blessings to the people and the environment. Worrying is dangerous but working for wrong reasons is far more dangerous.

Even when at work, there are people or circumstances that would try to ‘seed’ worry into your mind/heart. The counter measure is to keep on putting the mind to working out the positivities/solutions GOD has bestowed upon your heart.

Peace To The Wise!

Danger of Alternatives

We always attribute our uniqueness to the power of choice and tendency to think. We even acknowledge and commend GOD for these gifts of choice and thoughts.

As wonderful as thoughts and choices are, they always pose to be what makes us rebel against GOD. Many assume that HE would not tell them to do what does not make sense and many think that HE has given us the liberty to shape our lives the way we desire . . .

With these assumptions, whenever HE brings HIS certainty before us that we may accept it and walk therein, our choices and thinking capacities give way to other possibilities that either negate or provide other versions of the certainty HE has tendered before us. This is the danger of alternatives . . .

The struggle is not really between GOD and satan but between GOD and man as satan only shows up when we tend to choose contrary to GOD’s certainty. satan only rides on the alternatives we choose at the expense of GOD’s certainty.

Why then did GOD give us these gifts of choices and thoughts . . . ? They seem useless if we are to depend on HIM for everything! But the answer goes does: it is also by the same power of choice that we must choose to have no choice other than to accept the certainty HE offers. It is by the same power of thoughts that we must think in the light of the certainty HE has shown us in the beginning . . .

It is only when we exercise the power of choice and thought based on HIS certainty that the power/gift of faith will be evident in our lives. The danger of alternatives is that it causes faithlessness!

Peace To The Wise!

Test and Temptation


“Then was JESUS led up of the SPIRIT into the wilderness to be tempted of the devil.” Matthew 4: 1

It is been given to mankind to chose between LIFE and DEATH; GOOD and EVIL. Our destinations lie in the choice that we make. But there is a common saying that GOD would never tempt you but HE would surely test . . . and that HE tests so that by passing the test, HE would take us to the next stage our relationship and work with HIM and devil tempts because he desires that we end in doom as HE will be.

I found out that temptation is a means of enticing someone to do the wrong thing by promise of pleasure or gain; to make someone do what he would not do naturally. And test is a way of examining or observing someone critically.

What we normally regards as tests from GOD and temptations from satan are actually the same most of the times but each party with different intentions entirely: GOD’s desire for any critical scenario is to know if we are still on the path of righteousness but all the devil desires is that we fail and end up in damnation.
JESUS, WHO is also GOD, was led by the SPIRIT to be tempted by the devil. GOD’s desire for JESUS was to fast for forty days and nights so as to prepare HIM for the journey ahead but the devil’s goal is to HIM fail by succumbing to his authority even at the very beginning of HIS ministry.

GOD knew the serpent was going to lure Adam and Eve. HE created all anyways so HE knew what was going to happen even before time but HE allowed it to know Adam’s response to the devil’s allurements.

The case of Job should be a direct example of GOD’s test and devil’s temptation. GOD was hoping that job would never deny and all devil wanted to do was to prove HIM wrong. GOD wanted to know Job’s priority: was it HIM or his wealth and his beautiful family HE had blessed him with but devil was claiming that the only reason Job was faithful was because of the same wealth and beautiful family.

As we always proclaim that GOD would not test someone beyond his/her capacity in HIM, I also say that whenever devil is tempting the children of GOD, grace to overcome these temptations abounds much more. For there are trees in the Garden of Eden including the Tree of Life that Adam and Eve could have eaten and live forever in GOD’s presence without going near the tree of good and evil.

In summary, GOD would not let the devil tempt us beyond our capability but HIS test may include allowing the devil’s temptation. HE wants to know the state of our hearts and how well we are making use of the Grace made available to us in trying times.

Abraham, Joseph, Daniel were all tested/tempted at some points in their lives but they were not swayed away by the devil because of their consciousness of the presence and greatness of GOD on high.

Abraham would not cherish Isaac more than the ONE that gifted him with Isaac; Joseph would not sin against GOD by giving in to Potiphar’s wife’s sexual enticement garnished with wealth benefits; and Daniel would not defile the Temple of GOD (his Body) with the ”exotic cuisines” of Babylon. They all had choices to make and that was what made their temptations tests before GOD.

* So when temptation surfaces, it means that GOD allows it so that HIS glory can be revealed through the Grace HE has made available for us to overcome the same temptation.

Peace To The Wise!

I Have Made IT (Bible) Your Companion in Letters

“This Book of the LAW [of GOD] shall not depart out of thy mouth; but thou shalt meditate therein day and night; that thou mayest observe to do according to all that is written therein: for then thou shalt make thy way prosperous, and then thou shalt have good success.” Joshua 1: 8

I have come to realize that you cannot be what you don’t know in GOD. Our manifestation in HIM depends on the level of WORDedness in us. I have also come to realize that every issue I have the insight of GOD upon revolves around my daily doings and activities and effectiveness depends on the amount of HIS Words in my heart. There are some issues and scenarios that I did not get to think as HE was thinking because I had failed to get WORDed before time. Even all the revelations that seem new and profound to me still have their roots buried in the soil and water of the degree of my knowledge of/in HIM.
Little wonder HE made Bible HIS knowledge in letters so that by meditating therein, we can be translated in to HIS unlimited realm of limitless knowledge. HE made HIS Word an unshakable platform upon which everything holds on to . . .

Therefore I confess that I have been found wanting in my place of study and meditation in HIS Words that seem like a regular book to me; I have failed by making IT part of my books to read rather than giving IT a topmost priority and importance in my everyday life.

How can I then make what HE regards as good success, that is, success that comes from the LORD, if am found wanting? I left the origin and started beating around the bush of ephemeral knowledge while the CORE knowledge abound much more before me . . .

*Oh! FATHER-KING! Cause this unfaithful son-prince to seek YOU the more! He now realizes the gravity of the so call little thought that YOU dropped in his heart two days ago. Thank YOU for shutting me out from trying to prove my relevance in the world. Now! I choose obscurity in YOU than the grandness of this world!

*YOUR LAWS shall by my laws and YOUR THOUGHTS my thoughts . . . !

Peace To The Wise!

Substance and Evidence of Faith

We have been taught (not wrongly) that faith comes from believing and confessing and that whatever our hearts desire we can claim and have, by faith. This is true, very true!

But there is a faith that GOD requires from everyone who is born of the Spirit and Water and desires to be born of GOD. This is a faith that requires work for without doing; faith cannot be substantial or evidential. Without doing according to the faith in the Spirit, our faith cannot become a substance; it cannot become evidence that truly we are of GOD.

“For as many as are led by the spirit of GOD, they are the sons of GOD.” Romans 8: 14

You cannot be led unless you have faith and you cannot be led to nothing: leading always comes with doing something; accomplishing a task. It means that as many as are led by the Spirit of GOD to do something and obeyed, they are the sons of GOD because they have faith in the Words of GOD which is WHO HE is.

“For by it the elders obtained a good testimony (report).” Hebrews 11: 2

Elders would not have obtained good reports if they did not do according to GOD’s Words; Abraham would not have been called father of faith if he had not been doing according to GOD’s Commands; Joseph would have been forgotten if he had not yielded to GOD’s command instead of submitting to the allures of Potiphar’s wife; Daniel would not have obtained good report if he was always caught up with the enjoyment in Babylon instead of believing that men should only live by the Words that come out from the LORD; JESUS would have been a failure if HE had not agreed as it is written concerning HIM that HE should drink the cup of suffering in faith that all that believe shall be saved through HIS obedience. It is evident that good report can only be obtained by doing according to the Words of GOD which are SPIRIT and LIFE. A many are led by the WORD of GOD, they are HIS sons because HIS WORD is WHO HE is for children simply obey.

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen” Hebrew 11: 1

“Even so faith, if it hath not works, is dead, being alone. Yea, man may say, thou hast faith, and I have works: shew me thy faith without works, and I will shew thee my faith by my works.” James 2: 17-18

When someone claims to have faith, there must be a substance that will evidently show the essence of his faith. The substance is not what is hoped for but it is what will be checked before the actual thing surfaces. You want a visa, get yourself a passport; you want distinction in your studies, start reading prudently. Faith by works is the preparation to wait in hope for. Faith that produces evidence is what GOD will see before rewarding a man; it is the good report that makes a man finds more measures of grace in HIM. Without believing and doing according to the WORD of GOD, it is impossible to see HIM or please HIM. The two actions must go together.

Believing and doing are what make faith substantial and evidential and one must not be done while the other is undone. Believing and doing HIS WORD increases the level of communion the HOLY SPIRIT. It is only substantial and evidential faith that can make one walk with GOD and be clean. . .

“For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.” Romans 10: 10

“Wherefore, my beloved, as ye have always obeyed, not as in my presence only, but now much more in my absence, work out your salvation with fear and trembling, for it is GOD which worketh in you both to will and to do of HIS good pleasure. Do all things without murmuring and disputings: that ye may be blameless and harmless, the sons of GOD, without rebuke; in the midst of a crooked and perverse nation, among whom ye shine as light in the world; holding forth the WORD of LIFE; that I may rejoice in the day of CHRIST, that I have not run in vain, neither labour in vain.” Philippians 2: 12-15

Though believing and confessing initiate salvation in CHRIST without working from the inside out, it cannot be genuine and evidential. This calls for willingness to yield to what GOD wants to do through us. Though faith is substantial by doing, it must not come with murmuring and disputing; we must accept the WORD of GOD with the whole of our hearts. There is no room for doubts for a two minded person is not worthy of the KINGDOM of GOD.
We must work out the salvation we confess by doing as the SPIRIT leads at any point in time; we must study the Word of GOD to know the dealings of GOD in order to be able to DO HIS will. It is the doing of HIS Word that will differentiate us from this crooked and perverse world; it is the doing of HIS Word that shows the evidence that though we are in this world, we are of our FATHER in Heaven (unseen physically but most real).

*It is only by doing HIS Word that embodying HIS Light (Glory) can be possible. We do not hold forth the WORD of LIFE by verbal claim but by actions as directed by the SPIRIT of GOD. It is by doing HIS WORD that we will be free from coming short of HIS Glory (sinning). By doing, we will meet up to the STATURE of the Words HE had written and spoken concerning us before the beginning was. The Word will not stand against us because we would have embodied it so that as we stand before HIM, HIS Words are what HE sees. . .

Peace To The Wise!

Claiming or Living?

There are many proclamations in these current days; proclamations that its manifestations never see the daylight. And it is unfortunate that people of this present time do more of it than living in its reality. When we claim what we are to be in CHRIST, people get jeered up and powered up only for the fuel to run dry as fast it is been supplied.

What could possibly be the reason? What could make someone so determined for GOD not do what he claims to do? Some claim to live for GOD while all they do is live for their selves. They claim in GOD but live outside of HIM when the TRUTH states it clearly that life outside GOD is no LIFE at all.

In this new era of charismatic movement, people claim royalty and priesthood but never lived it through the Temple or Kingdom of GOD. They call themselves priests and princes but are using the Temple and Kingdom for a business that is no way near the FATHER’s GENUINE BUSINESS.

** A prince of the Kingdom is first of all interested in doing what is best for the Kingdom. All he always desire from the KING is a chance to work and be of good use in the Kingdom, he is never bothered by what he will eat or drink or wear because all that had already been made available. Even what he needs to execute the work of the Kingdom has already been provided. All he needs is to set out from his chambers and all he needs follow him by default. He never forgets the Sceptre of righteousness the FATHER-KING gave him when he was matured and fit to be called SON-PRINCE. Wherever he goes as directed by the FATHER, peace and joy reign supreme because his authority has its source from righteousness.

He does not make pompous claims in the bid of taking advantage over his acclaimed subjects but rather prefers to starve in order to feed the needy and sacrifice his pleasure time in order to attend to pressing issues. He sees no issue as trivial or insignificant but esteem all issues with respect to how important it is to the people. In the bid of gaining reputation before people, he would not give the people what they want thereby appealing to their vanities [like Absalom] rather, he would minister unto them according to their needs, as stated clearly by the FATHER-KING.

As he is taking care of the needs of the Kingdom, FATHER is noticing and willing to give in folds what he had deliberately forsaken to venture into the FATHER’s issues. Mind you, he is not working for the Kingdom because everything else will be added unto him. He chose to work for the FATHER because of HIS LOVE for the people which is born out of the LOVE he has for the FATHER. He is ready to die for the FATHER without any reward because he knows the FATHER would do so much more out of LOVE.

** Though a prince, he also took upon himself the mantle of priesthood even as the FIRSTBORN of the FATHER-KING did. After performing the works of a prince, he comes to the FATHER and reports all of his adventures and expeditions to HIM. He also relays to the KING the response of HIS people and the states of their hearts. He is always ready to intercede on behalf of the people and plead that the FATHER should have mercy whenever they trespass against the WORD of the KING. He is never moved by the ridicule or suggestions he gets from people even as a priest and prince but always try to mediate peace between them and GOD. He embodies people’s burdens and carries it to the FATHER in prayer and supplication. He even asks for forgiveness on their behalf.

That he is a prince and a priest makes him more humble and obedient to the FATHER’s Will. He sees it as an underserving honour to be of use to and loved by the FATHER. All he does at his spare time is never meant to defile his body (Temple) but refines and edify it. He never gives himself to activities that will make him loose his mind and keep him from making the righteous judgment and decisions. Everything he does is in bid to make him available for the FATHER’s use. If the body is damaged, how can he work effectively for the FATHER and if defiled, how can he represent himself before GOD who cannot behold impurity . . .?

Life and Death; Not Good and Bad!

GOD has given us liberty to choose between LIFE (Tree of Life) and DEATH (Tree of Good and Bad) but the devil has devised a way to make the good seems like LIFE and the bad like DEATH so that no matter what we choose, DEATH will be the end result.

But aren’t most doctrines founded based on the conditions of the society and not on the LIFE that JESUS makes available? Romans 8: 7-8

Aren’t we leaning on our own understanding [which was what we allowed satan to reduced us to in the Garden of Eden] to reason and make decisions on the matters pertaining to GOD’s Kingdom?

Is Romans 8: 14 just a citation for assurance before men rather than WORDs that must be lived out at every point in time?

*We don’t need the knowledge of what is good and bad! We need the knowledge of GOD that brings LIFE eternally in abundance!