BIBLE- The Summary of LIFE

BIBLE- The Summary of LIFE

So many things have been said about the credibility and the infallibility of the Holy Book . . .

One would always wonder about the reason behind the aggregation of the Books in the Bible to ascertain the motive behind its non-chronological arrangement.

One would say the Old Testament Books were just bunch of stories of a certain kind of people a supposed “GOD” took a special liken to and how HE did everything to favour this set of people against all odds.

One would say the records of the Gospel of CHRIST are merely stories about a man who only seemed to be better that his kind; just a Czar that was successful in making himself into a megalomaniac.

One would definitely want to disregard the epistles out-rightly because they are bunch of letters written to some of people and rule them out as inclusions into the sacred Book.

But one thing is clear: GOD is in the middle of the processions that facilitated the compilation of His Holy Book although the compilation might not make logical sense. Although some have or many have claimed to have His Life, we cannot truly ascertain the dynamics behind the compilation and the arrangement of this Holy Book.


Of Promise

The first part of the Old Testament explains how man fell from GOD’s Grace and some struggled with the lawlessness in their hearts while some give in to this same lawlessness to extent of defying GOD and also ready to usurp HIM on His throne. Despite all this lawlessness, people like Enoch, Noah, Abraham,  Isaac, Jacob, etc. were given to the LORD in whatever they do. Through them, GOD set a new plan in motion by His Promise. It was the successful relationship with this chain of people that led to the advent of the Law.


Of Laws

When GOD was successful in taking out a man from the pool of lawlessness and raised him and his descendants to a people HE could call His own, He establishes the Laws on how men should live with each other which is a subset of Laws of how men should relate with GOD. Taking a keen look at these laws, one would realize that they were geared towards making His chosen people what He desired them to be and the product of these Laws was supposed to be peace. GOD did all He could do to model the kind of people HE desired to see on earth but Israel failed to embody GOD’s Law because they refused to accommodate them in their hearts. They received it on a stone instead.


Of The Prophets

Because of their deviance, disobedience and rebellion, GOD began to speak through His vessels – Prophets about what HE envisioned for His people on earth. He gave them this information by visions and prophecies; the picture of who He desires them to be both individually and collectively. He demonstrated the consequence of obedience and disobedience to His commands and Laws. He showed them how they should repent and come to back Him in peace but the words of the Prophets sounded too harsh for them and they became adamant still. They scorn, oppose and wage wars against GOD’s Prophets because they were not ready to Live By The Truth.


Of Dark Times

. . . So GOD left them to their waywardness and stayed silent for a while, living the generations of man in darkness perhaps so that they might know or recognize the value of the Light that is about to shine on them . . .


Of CHRIST and His Gospel

Since His chosen people could not yet come to the realization of who He wanted them to become, He sent the Person He had been picturing to Israel through the Promise, Laws and the Prophets. CHRIST came down in the flesh and lived the Life GOD (fulfilment of Promise, Laws and Prophecies) wanted for every man on earth. He came truly, being 100% GOD and 100%man; full of holiness and perfection of GOD as well as the awareness of the filthiness and imperfection of man. He modelled everything that GOD desired for man. Being 100% GOD, He knows the in and out of GOD’s design for man; being 100% man, He knew the problems and limitations of the flesh and He uses the knowledge of the two to navigate through life without being hurt or stained. He was successful in exemplifying how a man should live for GOD and prevail in the world of men, HE died to take away our sins and He multiplied what made Him pleased the FATHER-GOD in the people with Him in Life and Ministry.


Of Acting

When He was crucified, died and rose, He spent 40 days with His disciples and give them commands according to the Kingdom of GOD and the Apostles went all out to Act on CHRIST’s commands by the help of the HOLY SPIRIT. They did not love their lives enough not to carry out GOD’s commands . . . they went all out in Acting. And by their doing, many people received the Testimony of CHRIST as the Truth i.e. the fulfilment of GOD’s Promises, Laws and Prophecies; pronouncing HIM as their LORD and Personal Saviour then being baptized in the name of CHRIST through the HOLY SPIRIT.


Of The Epistles

When the Apostles have been established by deeds as they were led by the HOLY SPIRIT, they began to write their letters; to share their experiences of the Gospel that were grounded in Truth; to teach extensively about the deep things of GOD and how many could be a partaker in CHRIST JESUS. They have acted to the point that their lives had become the embodiment of what CHRIST commanded them to do. So the Epistles of the Apostles are teachings and revelations that were founded on True and Lasting encounter with GOD . . . The Epistles of the Apostle is simply a measure of how their lives conformed to that of CHRIST.


Epistle in the Holy Book therefore were compiled based on their conformity to the True Gospel and the Person of CHRIST.


Of The Revelation of CHRIST

And finally, there will be a Revelation in the end . . . revelation of what the end will look like as well as who we should look like. It was no accident that John’s Epistles and that of Jude were the last Books before the Book of Revelation. They really talked about who we need to become daily and what we need to be conscious of and avoid before the end begins. The revelation of CHRIST will determine if the Epistles of our hearts are geared towards HIM or not for all that we are will be brought into the Light of WHO HE IS!



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