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Before CHRIST will ultimately come the second time and wrought victory over the world and it’s wickedness, there is a kind of victory HE desires for His saints on earth . . .

Unlike we all have been made to believe, what CHRIST desires is beyond wroughting miracles that come in season or divination of what has happened or what is going to happen. Wat HE came for is far more than what Nathaniels if today are thinking with their natural minds.

No doubt, with JESUS in out lives, we would be able to connect the past, present and future together for a better living but beyond this, HIs desires for our lives cannot be held bound by times, seasons or chances.

Just like His response to Nathaniel, what HE earnestly desires is the seamless and unhindered interaction between heaven and earth. HE desires that the earth be filled with as many Gardens of Eden as possible so that the reality of Heaven will the same as the one on earth. HE came to establish that link between GOD and man. In truth, this is what GOD desires for everyone and that was the reason for His coming and sacrifice.

HE is the unbroken link between Heaven and earth. Heaven on earth is a settled reality but the question that remains is “How many saints have entered into this reality?’

Heaven on earth is the mystery that is supposed to be our normal day-to-day living. Heaven on earth is the Garden of Eden that GOD will build for any man who has acknowledged CHRIST as His head and is wiling to do the same for his eve and the children given to him . . .

Heaven on Earth is the real and actual miracle!


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