After Healing, What Next?

After Healing, What Next?
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  • 24. JCH5: 10-14

After being made whole or being healed, it was important that CHRIST told him what he must do or not do for his healing to be permanent. Sometimes, difficulties we face are results of our sins and disobedience to the Word of GOD and asking for healing is like asking GOD for forgiveness. So when CHRIST healed the man, He made sure to tell him that sin was responsible for predicaments.

When He heals us or solves our problems, it is always an avenue to be more truthful and faithful to HIM.

Even though we get ourselves into troubles whenever we forget His Words/Laws and do as we like, He still would hearken unto us whenever we call on HIM and ask for healing and forgiveness. This merciful act from GOD does not give us liberty to go back to what put us in trouble in the first place. It is meant to restore us back to HIM in order to start doing according to His Words again.

When GOD delivers from troubles or bondage, He is hoping that we will stay true in order to avoid being in the same position or condition He is saving us from. This is why His Mercy comes with the knowledge of His Truth to apprise us of what we need to do to stay clear of sins.

It is sin that causes troubles and chaos in our lives but if we call unto GOD with a heart of repentance, He will forgive us, solve our problems and give peace in place of chaos.


LORD, I pray that you fill me with Your knowledge of Truth so I will not fall into the sin that You have saved me from. Let me work in Your Grace and Truth all the days of my life.



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