BELIEVE: GOD’s Word and Person

BELIEVE: GOD’s Word and Person
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13. JCH 2: 18-22

The Jews could not comprehend CHRIST’ sayings. They reasoned CHRIST’s words with the head knowledge of the scriptures they possessed. They were only accustomed to the histories and the doctrines that have been passed to them from generation to generation. The disciples on the other hand, were Jews too but they were the people that believed in the Person of CHRIST and the Words He spoke. They related and worked with CHRIST by faith and they were not disappointed in the end. Though they did not understand everything concerning the scriptures, they believed in CHRIST who was (and still is) the embodiment of the Word of GOD. The Pharisees could not come to the understanding of CHRIST’s words because they had no relationship with Him.

We have already discussed about not discouraged when people reject the gospel shared with them. This action might be because of their lack of communion with the person of GOD or because what they know is contradictory to their knowledge about GOD.

It is those who have personal relationship with CHRIST that would be patient until the Words spoken by Him have been fulfilled. And it is only the disciples that believe in His person that will come to the realization of His Words. It is the realization of what was spoken by Him that will facilitate clarity and understanding. Understanding is what is responsible for retaining the Knowledge of GOD.

I declare that my sense of judgement will not interfere with faith in Your person. Even though Your instructions may not make sense to me, I will follow still because everything is about YOU!



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