CHRIST is the Focus

CHRIST is the Focus

6. JCH 1: 18-34 and JCH 3: 26-30

John-The Baptist was a mighty man! He was responsible for preparing the hearts of people for the coming of CHRIST and because of this, he was highly revered before the people. But this did not stop him from proclaiming the Truth about CHRIST and what He was sent to do on earth. Even though people acknowledged him and pay him respect, he revealed to them that he was just a witness of the coming CHRIST. He refused to take the glory of GOD for himself by directing all attention to himself. He told them that by the time people know CHRIST for themselves, he would no longer be relevant to them because they would have established a relationship with HIM.

The same applies to Saints of this present time. This is our obligation to anyone who comes to us! We must direct them to have a relationship with CHRIST. Though many people would come to us because of the Light of GOD shining through our lives and the manifestation of His peace in us, we should not let them focus on us because GOD through CHRIST is the only ONE worthy of looking up to. When they come, they must realize that it is neither by our power nor by our might, but by the Spirit of GOD in us that is leading all men to CHRIST.

It is natural that our Lights will attract people but it must also be natural for us to direct this people to having a relationship with GOD through CHRIST with the HOLY SPIRIT as the facilitator.

We should not get carried away like Hezekiah about ourselves or what He is doing in our lives but tell them about CHRIST who made all this happen and His sacrifice on the cross of Calvary which was His method of making it happen.

LORD! Give me a heart of evangelism that would naturally direct and redirect people to Your Beloved Son whenever they are attracted by Your Light in me! Let my Light be a pointer to Your Eternal Life. Let me be Your natural witness!




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