CHRIST’s Demand

CHRIST’s Demand
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18. JCH4: 1-14

There was a demand here from CHRIST to the Samaritan woman: “Give me water to drink.” The LORD is demanding the same from us this day. He wants us to quench His thirst. Out of what we have which actually belongs to HIM, He is saying:

“Give (Devote) your water (life) to me. Your salvation is a guaranteed that you have offered your life to Me.”

But the woman could not discern that it was GOD demanding that she quenches His thirst. She was caught up with the denominationalism, tribalism that she could not portray a simple act of goodness towards the LORD our GOD. She was not caring to strangers or visitors enough to entertain GOD when she was not aware. She was practicing a “subsistent Christianity.”

Why do we claim to know or worship GOD when His essence (love) that transcends all barriers, races and cultural differences is not found in our conducts? Are we quick to separate people from us because they have not yet come to the reality of CHRIST? The life of GOD is available to all and we must endeavour to be good to those GOD is yearning for their salvation.

Many people only offer their services to GOD only if there is a promise attached to it. It is not the Word and Love of GOD that make them do what they do but the benefits they see with their eyes for possession.

As recipients, we thirst before being quenched but GOD but beyond being recipients, GOD wants us to be the source of Living Water.

He wants to make as many that are willing to give their lives (water drawn from well) to HIM sources of His Life (Living Waters). We will not be an embodiment of His Life alone; His Life will flow to other people through our lives.

I declare that as much as GOD is giving me capacity to do, I will be an extension of Him to whoever needs His Love, Grace and Mercy. Beyond being saved, I will be His agent of salvation.

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