14, JCH 2: 23-25

CHRIST was not a cruel man not to commit himself to the people. This is because their belief was a function of His miracles and even though they were sincerely committed to Him, His trust was solely in GOD and never bank on men for anything. He was only proving the truth that man should not be given commitment when GOD is in the middle of things. Whatever GOD is doing must not be committed to people unless GOD asks us to.

Man always believes what he first sees before what he hears and this is the opposite of what GOD wants. So CHRIST would not commit Himself to them because they have not yet believed what He was speaking to them.

When people see the light of GOD shine through our lives, they would want to believe GOD in us because of His manifestation in and through us but we must not take this for committing what GOD is doing in us to them. GOD is interested in people that believe in His Word rather than miracles. The acceptance of the Word comes before commitment and it is only GOD that commits a man to His work.

It is error therefore to engineer people’s commitment to the LORD by giving them commitments that GOD does not command.

So even when they are attracted by miracles and wonderful manifestations, commitment must always follow only when the hearts are reached by the Word of GOD. Men must be committed to GOD individually before committing His works to them.

I pray against sacrilege! I will not commit unto any man what GOD has not committed unto them by Himself. I will not take the place of GOD by trying to win people unto His side by giving them works He has not qualified them to undertake!




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