True Discipleship: GOD, JESUS and Us

True Discipleship: GOD, JESUS and Us
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25. JCH5: 15-23

This is the perfect example of Father-Son relationship. The only example of discipleship and fatherhood we should strive to follow always. It is a relationship based on love and trust. A relationship based on the equality as the goal of the discipler (CHRIST) and obedience and honour as the elements to be found in the life of the disciple (Saints). Though GOD had given CHRIST the freedom and authority to judge, CHRIST would not do anything except the Father approves. Whatever He said or did was a function of GOD’s heart per time. Although He also had things to say that were evidently from the same GOD yet He would not speak them until GOD gave the permission

Discipleship is first from the family and we are the family of GOD (Romans 8: 14-16). GOD is the Owner of the House and He has made CHRIST the Head. For us to attain what He wants us to attain, He must also pass whatever we need to us through CHRIST. GOD wants us to operate in His realm just like CHRIST. As sons and daughters of GOD, we must carry on the virtues He is passing to us.

It is the virtues that GOD passes to us that will nurture us to our true stature in CHRIST both in our hearts and minds. 

There would come a time when all that we have been receiving from GOD through CHRIST will also be passed to others who are yearning for CHRIST. Just like CHRIST, we must not do anything that He has not approved. This is another way to honour or reverence GOD! Honouring Him makes HIM honour us in return by giving us more responsibilities of being custodians of His virtues and the future also as sons.

LORD, I want to my life to honour You in all manners. Help me not to do things my way or find my own pleasure.



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