Eternal WORD

Eternal WORD

31. JCH6: 28-35

To believe is what GOD is asking us to do before He gives us this Bread of Life. It was the Israelites’ murmuring in the wilderness that made GOD send down manna for them to eat. But the manna should not be kept till the next day for it would rotten/perish. Had it been that they believed GOD’s Words as spoken by Moses unto them without complaints, GOD would have given them the True Bread of life that can never perish.

The Israelites settled for what would eventually perish because they did not believe. GOD could have given them the everlasting manna if only they had they believed but all they were craving for was a miracle that did not last. Because they settled for what is temporal, they lost their grip on what is eternal.


An unbelieving heart can never be changed with countless amount of miracles – After all the miracles He had wrought through Moses, they still did not believe GOD. GOD would not entice a hardened and unbelieving heart with miracles. He does not want us to live by temporal bread (miracles) alone but by believing every WORD that comes out from HIM. Miracle is not the end in itself but a small hint of what GOD is capable of doing . . .

Upon more than 5000 people CHRIST fed with 5 loaves and 2 pieces of fish, they still asked HIM “what will you do for us to believe you?” It shows clearly that even if CHRIST fed them again, they would still not have believed in HIM.

What we should give ourselves to as Saints is the WORD of the LORD and Prayer, knowing that this is our sole responsibility when it comes to turning the hearts of men to GOD. Anything beyond this will definitely position us against GOD we are trying so hard to work for. The diligence He wants from us is within His will only!


LORD, let Your WORD be enough for me in all facets of my life!




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