Fading Away . . .

Fading Away . . .

17. JCH 3: 26-30

How do we always feel when people that always come to us are now matured enough to turn to the LORD themselves; when they no longer seek us to relay to them what GOD is telling us about them?

We have been playing the role of the friend to the Bridegroom but finally, the bride gets to meet the Groom. What will be our reaction or response when all that we receive from the Bride and Groom with respect to the mediatorial relationship is diminishing by the day?

In one way or another, we will be standing between CHRIST and someone as an emissary or middleman. As they come to us, table their doubts and problems before us and we through CHRIST clear their doubts and solve their problems, this would make them see CHRIST rightly in those areas. So when such issues come up again, they will not seek us anymore because CHRIST had already been revealed to them in that regards. As times goes by, the basic view about CHRIST will become clear enough for them to begin to foster a personal relationship with CHRIST.

As CHRIST becomes clearer to them, the fainter we become to them. And true reality is that whenever they behold us, CHRIST should be the only One they should see.

Our relationship with people must make them develop an affinity for a relationship with CHRIST and stop coming to us for help or divination. We must not be caught in the middle of accolades and gifts that come with being the friend of the Groom. We must let the Bride meet the Groom as soon as the HOLY SPIRIT is willing.

We are meant to derive joy that people are no longer dependent on us who are of like passion but on CHRIST who is the ROCK of our salvation!

LORD, help me not to take Your place in the lives of Your disciples and babes! Let me derive pleasure and honour in knowing that those You are directing to me are finding their ways back to You!




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