First Things First . . .

First Things First . . .

20. JCH4: 25-30; 39-42

The woman heard CHRIST say to her that He was the Messiah and all she did was to leave CHRIST, her Waterpot and run into the city to proclaim CHRIST. She had not settled her case with CHRIST before going out to proclaim CHRIST that she had not fully encountered enough to change her life for good. CHRIST only introduced Himself and she went on without settling her case before Him. She was unlike Andrew who first knew where CHRIST stayed before he went to call Peter.

Although this Samaritan woman was responsible for directing people to CHRIST, she was unable to take part of the blessings the people she called to CHRIST received. She was only concerned with spreading the news with no regards to what would happen to her after all is said and done.

Our lives must first be presented before GOD so that He can purge us and make us clean even as we go out to proclaim HIM. He must sort us as we go to shine in the world for why should we appear to the world when our light is not 100% Pure . . .

We should stay with HIM enough before we introduce HIM to the people because it is in staying with HIM that others would be attracted to HIM more without endangering our own relationship with HIM.

Even though people would come to see HIM, He would still need to be through with us after they have come and gone. If we do not allow HIM to wash us clean before and after we go out to proclaim HIM, our relationship with HIM would suffer and it is our relationship with HIM that will sustain us not the works. This does not mean that our works are not important but they must all come after He must have sorted us out where necessary.

LORD! As you are using me to direct people to You, do not let me lose your communion in the process. Please hold on to me so I would not wander away in the name of proclaiming Your name.



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