GODLY ETHIC: Rejected But Not Discouraged

GODLY ETHIC: Rejected But Not Discouraged

4. JCH 1: 9-13


CHRIST in His divine wisdom manifested His essence, shared His words, healed the sick but despite all that, He was still not accepted by many people. CHRIST came just like every other man to share the gospel with the people but He was rejected. They were not looking for a mere man but for someone who looks great on the outside. Even though many rejected CHRIST, it did not stop Him from doing what the Father instructed Him even to the point of dying on the cross.

As Saints, we should be diligent in making CHRIST known to the world i.e. to those who have no knowledge of who He is and also to receive Him as their LORD and saviour just so they could be adopted into the Family of GOD.


After doing all these as those who have relationships with GOD and would want everyone else to benefit of His goodness and faithfulness, there are still people that would not want to accept CHRIST through us. Our job is not to be worried and discouraged by this because it is not only about their rejection of CHRIST but our own obedience in doing what the LORD commands. We must understand that it is only the LORD that saves and we are only His witness  on earth.

It is the obedience to the Truth of GOD that matters; not the good or bad response of the people.


LORD! As many that have rejected my witnesses of Your Son CHRIST, I pray that you find it in Your mercy to touch their hearts according to Your will so they will experience the benevolence in Your salvation . . .



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