GODLY ETHICS: Light and Darkness

GODLY ETHICS: Light and Darkness
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2. JCH 1: 4-5


The life in this passage is the Life of GOD which can also be likened to Light . . . but the life of this world can only be likened to darkness. CHRIST came as the Light of men sent from GOD to show mankind the errors of their ways and the reality GOD wants us to live. Wherever territory or terrain CHRIST found Himself, He drove away darkness and exposed the evil that has found solace in it.

His Light did not only devour darkness, it was made available for whoever receives it and serves as the means to see and seek GOD’s righteousness at every point in time. Psalm 36: 9


This light has been deposited in Saints and it’s up to us to build up this light by having communion with GOD through the HOLY SPIRIT and let it shine for everyone to see. Our actions and responses to issues must always expose and eradicates all forms of darkness and lies wherever we are because greater is the light that is in us than the darkness that is in the world. Wherever we are, any form of unGODliness should not find rest or solace. When people are groaning and struggling in darkness, we should be thriving in the Light of GOD and as we thrive, our light would shine for the world to see.


Oh CHRIST! Let Your Light shine in and through me so that everything that does not belong to YOU is exposed then washed away permanently by your Blood. Also, empower me to take necessary steps in thriving in YOUR Light that my life (light) may in turn eradicate darkness around me and expose the evil it holds within.




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