GODLY ETHICS: Witness and Carriers of Light

GODLY ETHICS: Witness and Carriers of Light

3. JCH 1: 6-8

The ministry of John is one of the responsibilities of Saints because CHRIST had given us a commission to be carriers of His Light (Reality) to unbelievers. Also, we have been given grace to also be like our GOD through CHRIST in heaven even though we are living on earth as mere men.

He has called us to show people more about Him by living the Life He has made available for us in CHRIST. The purpose of salvation is to bear witness of the Light of GOD and by doing this, we also become the Light that we bear witness of.


We have a double responsibility, a call greater than that of John-The-Baptist. The first is to conform to the person of CHRIST (GOD) and the second is to show others the Reality of GOD as King and Father.


We are not only meant to bear His witness by proclamation alone but by earnestly demonstrating these proclamations with how we live our lives before GOD and men. Our witness is more efficient and effective because our lives are witnesses to the goodness of GOD and the Truth – The Person of CHRIST!


LORD, I declare that I will not only speak of YOUR goodness but my life will be an embodiment of the same so that people can find YOU through YOUR expressions in my life. I will bear YOUR witness by living according the Person of YOUR SON in whom you are well pleased! Amen!




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