Healing Is A Given!

Healing Is A Given!
Credit: Legacy Dad

23. JCH5: 1-9

The healing at the pool of Bethesda was a seasonal one but CHRIST came to offer this man a healing that was available in all seasons. The man was full of complain and excuses because his 38 years experience had made him loose hope but CHRIST showed and gave him Hope. He was looking for a man to help but there came someone whose help is all that mankind would ever need.

We always claim to depend on GOD for everything in life yet in our utter impotency we struggle with our mere natural strength in order to attain what we are depending on HIM for. We know but we always choose to forget that it is not by might nor by power but by His Spirit that offers grace to all.

Sometimes, we also wait for “powerful” seasonal revivals (stirring of waters) before we get solutions to our problems or answers to our prayers but GOD is ever present to help us in all ways. Unlike the man at the pool who did not know CHRIST until He came to made him whole, we have been redeemed by His Blood and adopted into the Family of GOD. Why then do we need to wait for the stirring of waters when the power lies within us?

There are no seasons to his help or healing because His sacrifice had already ushered us into the grace to live above sickness, diseases and failure. We do not need to wait for events or programmes before we can be healed or get solutions to problems because GOD is always with us and all He wants us to do is stir up His Spirit within us. The True Revival starts from the inner stirring of the spirit of a man.

LORD, I know you have already gifted me with Your Solution – HOLY SPIRIT; help me to stir HIM within and give in to His workings in and upon my life.

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