Heaven on Earth

Heaven on Earth
Image Credit: For God's Glory Alone Ministries

9. JCH 1: 46-51

Whatever Nathanael saw or knew about CHRIST that moment was too little to what GOD had in stock for him. CHRIST made him realise that the things He did was nothing compared to what He would do if Nathanael followed HIM to the end. Nathaniel was enraptured by CHRIST’s extraordinary performance but CHRIST was planning something bigger – Heaven on Earth. CHRIST made it known to him that there is something more than what man sees as extraordinary and all these things CHRIST mentioned would only happen if Nathanael followed HIM. He did not need to ask for them, he just needed to accept CHRIST and follow HIM to the end.

The same applies to us as we follow CHRIST by obeying the Word of the LORD spoken to us through His Word (Bible) or through the HOLY SPIRIT. Whatever we are enjoying in CHRIST presently is nothing compare to what He is set to do in our lives in the long run. What CHRIST is bringing to the table is the connection that has been severed between Heaven and Earth. He has not come to throw charade and mesmerize people of the earth with wonders and miracles but to reconnect them with their MAKER and The FATHER of all flesh.

We would not need to ask for the angels of GOD to come upon us for extraordinary things to happen because anyone that continually obeys His Word would naturally have the presence of GOD and His angels with him.

When Heaven and Earth connect seamlessly, miracles and wonders becomes too little as regards what GOD would do naturally in our lives.


We are doing ourselves a lot of harm if all we desire and crave are the extraordinary things and happenings when CHRIST had already come to pave the way into the supernatural realm of GOD where His Love, Grace and Mercy are in infinite measures. We must look beyond what tickles the body or excites the mind to the experience that lifts our hearts and souls to that portal where GOD pours out His virtues into the lives of His Saints.


LORD! Open my eyes to see the beauty of your majesty and holiness. I want to live beyond what man knows as extraordinary and key with Your desire for all who come to experience You wholesomely. Keep my heart glued to You that I may continue to be changed by Your presence even till I pass from here into Your Eternity.




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