HIS Will Is My Meal . . .

HIS Will Is My Meal . . .

21. JCH4: 31-38

Doing the will of the FATHER is what we are to live for and not the pleasures of this world that are present before us. The time for pleasure or meat must come after we have satisfied our appetite for doing the will of the FATHER. In truth, the only pleasure He wants us to have stems from giving Him pleasure by doing whatever He needs us to do . . .

It was recorded in the Bible that Heaven rejoices vehemently whenever a soul is saved or redeemed. The reason why there are many fields (of unsaved people) that are yet to be harvested is because the labourers (believers) are not waking up to their responsibilities.

There are lives expecting the Word of GOD to shine upon them as Light through our lives and our wage is eternal life because as we work with HIM, we will get to know HIM deeply and know why He does what He does. Our reward is the retained knowledge of HIM as a result of doing His will. (John 17: 3)

Men shall not live by bread alone but by the Words that come from the mouth LORD and it is His Word that we go out and make disciples unto HIM. Either to sow His Words or reap when the souls are ripe to be harvested into GOD’s yard so that they can live in the Light of GOD.

Whether to weed, sow, water or reap, LORD, help me to do Your work as diligent as I need to. Let my work in You stem from my relationship with You so I would not work amiss!



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