Looking Unto JESUS

Looking Unto JESUS
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16. JCH 3: 14-21

GOD had raised CHRIST for people to behold Him and accept Him like Moses’ serpent. To aid their belief, He performed miracles that could only be traced to GOD. All they needed to do was believe that CHRIST was the son of GOD and that He came from GOD to bring salvation and eternal life. CHRIST did His part perfectly according to the Father’s will. When the serpents came to the camp of the Israelites and started biting them because of their sins, GOD told Moses to make a bronze serpent and put it on a tree that whosoever looks on to it should be saved. Numbers 21: 4-9

This signifies that when CHRIST came, He came to gain victory over sin and death by bearing them and nailing them to the cross. So whosoever looks upon HIM and believes in HIM shall be saved through HIM and have eternal life because CHRIST died for our sins that we should die no more. But people who love darkness more than light do so because the satan had created a reward system that would make people continue in practicing their evil deeds and because of this, they would not want to change their ways in the path of the Light of GOD.

They know the Light of GOD would always reveal their evil deeds so they dare not move close to it because as the Light exposes them, they would have to start all over again when they had already established themselves as the people that thrive in darkness.

So as a child of GOD, we should not be jealous of these kinds of people because the Truth we stand for is the only entity that is sustained by the power of GOD. And as we work out this Truth, His Light will one day shine and show that we are of GOD who is forever and that His Light readily dispels darkness and exposes its works.

LORD! Cause me to live by Your Truth! Even when wickedness thrives. Cause Your Truth to thrive in me that Your Light may shine to show forth what has been done in me by You!

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