Obedience and Authority

Obedience and Authority
Image Credit: Working Women of Faith

11. JCH 1: 5-13

There are two things to note here:

  1. The servants might be wondering in silence what CHRIST was trying to achieve by filling up the waterpots with water when all they needed was wine. But they did one thing right – They obeyed by faith and that was all CHRIST was asking for! Our walk with GOD must not be measured by what we know naturally. We must let our trust in GOD take control of our personalities and beliefs. As servants, all we need to do is obey as those who trust in His Person and His Words! And we cannot do this unless we yield all our being to Him. And as servants that we are to the True Master we don’t ask questions; we just obey first.


Question: What do you think happened to the servants that obeyed CHRIST?

My Answer: Their mind would be enlightened and they would want to know more about HIM. Our level of wisdom and understanding of GOD and His Son depends on how much we are willing to go in obedience by faith to His simple instructions without unnecessarily querying HIM.


  1. CHRIST was a man of great authority but at the feast in Galilee, authority was not given to HIM to approve or disapprove anything at the feast in Cana and He being the Author and the Fulfilling of the Law knew this. If CHRIST who is GOD respected authority, who are we not to?

In truth, our relationship in GOD is meant to make us good children and parents at home, exemplary students and teachers at school, and model citizens of our countries.

Even though CHRIST’s’ miracle was enough to direct all authority to Himself, He would still let the governor of the event determine whether the water is suitable as wine or not.


Question: What would have happened if CHRIST had undermined the governor’s authority in the process of turning water to wine?

Answer: The miracle might still happen and people would feel awed by what was done but that would have negated all that CHRIST embodied from the FATHER.


GOD give me the willingness and the yieldedness to obey You even when You do not make sense to me. Let my relationship with You be evident as a person whose life fulfills the law of GOD and men.




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