Response to CHRIST’s Demand

Response to CHRIST’s Demand
Credit: Kingdom Worship Movement

19. JCH4: 15-24

Before CHRIST could give the Samaritan woman the living water she was asking for despite her refusal to quench CHRIST’s thirst, there was a need for CHRIST to address something in her life. But after CHRIST told her about her infidelity all her conclusion was that CHRIST was a prophet. She was busying examining CHRIST based on the immediate benefits without checkmating GOD’s words with her life so as to repent from her ways.

Because her life was not right by GOD, she could not offer true worship to GOD because true worship must start from who we are before it comes to what we can offer HIM.

When GOD wants to make our lives pleasing to Him or even bless us, He makes sure that our lives are changed according to His will before anything. Attempt to make our lives His pleasure without address the unGODliness therein will only lead to irritation more and more. In the same vein, He does not want His blessings to meet anything that is not of HIM in us.

What He blesses us with is His Spirit in us that speaks to our spirit in order to help us know what to do at specific points in time. Nurturing the spirit GOD gave us by obeying all His instructions as stated by His Word (Truth) and led by His Spirit without addition or subtraction is the True Worship!

Worship comes from our relationship with GOD which means that GOD would only accept whatever we have come to offer if our lives are pleasing to Him.

LORD! May I always be led expressly by Your Spirit so my live can be an embodiment of Your Truth!



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