Sharing CHRIST

Sharing CHRIST
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8. JCH 1: 41-45

Andrew was one of the first to follow CHRIST but he was not selfish to introduce his brother – Peter to CHRIST – that is True Discipleship and Evangelism. Discipleship to him at that point was not different from evangelism. He did not wait for CHRIST to be visible in his life before he started telling people about HIM because CHRIST was physically with them and he started right from his family by inviting Peter who happened to be his brother . . .

We must always be eager to share the good news we have heard from our communion with GOD with others. We should invite them so that we can journey with GOD together because the purpose of a man’s salvation is not for him alone but also that he could let others enjoy what he is enjoying in/with CHRIST. So whatever we have heard from CHRIST through our communion with HIM (reading the Bible, praying or relationship with the HOLY SPIRIT), we must not be greedy! We should share with family, friends and even strangers. They deserved to enjoy what we are enjoying in CHRIST so let us spread the Gospel; preach IT with our actions and words! Let the Gospel be our lifestyle.

I declare today that I am making the Gospel my lifestyle! I will not withhold GOD’s goodness from those whose heart are yearning for GOD from within . . . I will gladly share HIM with anyone and everyone. He is not mine alone; He came for all that we might enjoy His salvation.




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