The House of The LORD

The House of The LORD
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12. JCH 2: 13-17

The House of the LORD (Church) is not meant for buying and selling but a House where His saints meet, fellowship together and blesses each other with prayer and the Word of the LORD. Anything that takes our attention from these things is not meant to be allowed in The House of our LORD. The name suggests that anything that has nothing to do with bringing people closer to GOD should not be allowed. In The House of our LORD, The LORD is indeed the Beginning and the Ending.

As His children, we all have our desires; what we like to buy, what we like to wear and what we want to eat. It is not bad to have all these desire and the truth is that we all need these things for our daily lives. But GOD who is our Father in Heaven is aware that we need these things and He is ever ready to provide us with these things. Having being said, we must be very careful not to make all these desires the reason why we are coming to His House. If this is our reason then we are no different than those who are buying and selling in the Temple of GOD. As times goes by, whatever we desire earnestly would take over the importance of our relationship with GOD.

Moving further, our lives must be given to GOD as His House. Whatever we do with our lives should take us and people around us closer to GOD. Anything short of or deterrent to this is not acceptable before GOD.

If we base our lives on what we can give to get what we desire after claiming to have given our lives to CHRIST, then we are no more than those who are buying and selling in the Temple. If our lives are given to GOD then we must not be shrewd with HIM. GOD’s business is not buying and selling; rather it is about surrendering all to HIM to do as He wishes. And like JESUS, what should drive us in His House is His zeal and not our zeal because our zeal will only consume GOD in us but His zeal will consume self in us. We must choose wisely: His zeal or our zeal?  Matthew 6: 30-33; 1 Corinthians 6: 19-20


The business in the House of the LORD is about letting go of everything and not how well we have traded with what we have.

HOLY SPIRIT! Help me not to take advantage of You! I want to yield my life to Your teachings and directives! I want to be Your instrument as against using You as my trading secret.




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