GODLY ETHICS: The Ideal Relationship

GODLY ETHICS: The Ideal Relationship
Father and Son
  1. JCH 1: 1-3

It is no controversy that John the beloved was referring to CHRIST as the Word! There had been a father and son relationship between GOD and CHRIST even before GOD created time through CHRIST (The Word). The relationship was so cordial that anything GOD did was what CHRIST would do and anything CHRIST did was what GOD would do. CHRIST became 100% GOD – The Son became the Father and the Father was still at large.

During creation, GOD would not do anything without consulting CHRIST because He was Him. HE had been so knitted to GOD to the extent that GOD could not do anything without Him. In fact, He gave every work of creation in to His care because of the absolute trust they have built with one another.

CHRIST became GOD’s Thought, GOD’s Concept, GOD’s Idea, GOD’s Expression, GOD’s Strategy and ultimately GOD’s Life . . .

This is the same relationship GOD desires for everyone who believes in Him. He wants us to be so knitted to Him that all we do will automatically bring Him pleasure. Just like the earthly fathers would be happy when their sons turn out the way they desire, the same with our Father in Heaven. He is hoping that every saint will be like His Firstborn Son – CHRIST and be all that CHRIST is to Him in Heaven on earth.

He wants everything about us to effortlessly reflect who He is . . . from what we say, what we do, what we see, etc.

He created us so that we can be exactly like Him. This can only be possible by having a daily communion with GOD; a constant meditation in the Word (Bible), allowance of the HOLY SPIRIT to communicate with us, teach us what to do anytime and transmit GOD’s virtues into our hearts.

It is not right for GOD to exclude any of His Saints in what He is set to do on earth for the revelation of His glory. The original design is for every saint to take a crucial role in GOD’s agenda . . . when exclusion happens, it means Saints are not relating with the FATHER like CHRIST would do. GOD should not do anything and not inform us if we are truly His own just like CHRIST is.

GOD open my heart and fill it with Your Word. Draw me closer and closer till I am knitted to Your hearts and I am me no more! Let me find pleasure in being a pleasure to You and Your Saints!



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  1. ReplyAWED
    Beautiful. Weldone Sir. More grace.

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