The True Bread

The True Bread

30. JCH6: 22-27

So many seek for miracles and not GOD; they seek for provisions like jobs, exotic cars from GOD, but they rarely seek the truth of the LORD. They only seek for miracles but fail to realize that for every miracle, there is a purpose attached. Though we need bread for our daily needs but this bread alone cannot make us live the Life of GOD. It is the word of GOD that should be our priority and the bread would come running after we have digested the Word of GOD, which is the bread of the Life of GOD.

The Word that comes out from GOD is the bread that never goes bad rather it refreshes the Spirit, soul and body daily. And this Word can only be ours through CHRIST who is the Word (Bread of Life). CHRIST did not fill them with the bread they sought for the second time the people came unto HIM. He was not interested in keeping them as His follower or member through giving of earthly bread.

The miracle was to prove to them that He was from the Father but the people wanted the miracles without the GOD that made the miracle happened.

But CHRIST was not ready to appeal to their vanities rather He introduced them to the Bread (Word of GOD) that gives eternal Life. So when people come to us because of the blessings of GOD upon our lives we must not fail to speak the Word of GOD to them. We must let them know that the Word of GOD is the Bread that ends our hunger for the perishable bread they come for.

LORD, as I seek to be filled with Your Bread of Life, help me to be a server of IT also!



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