The True Rebirth

The True Rebirth
Image Credit: Ekklesia Store

15. JCH 3:1-13; JCH 3: 31-36

Being born again comes from our belief and confession that CHRIST is the Son of GOD, our LORD and Saviour. Then we will begin to have knowledge about HIM and also know why He saved us and what He saved us into. His kind of nature (His Spirit like a baby) would have been deposited in us who are supposed to be fed like babies. As new born babies, we would see and recognize his Kingdom but we would not be able to enter therein because we have not fed on the Water and the Spirit has not been leading us.

As there was a coming together of man and woman before a child was born so it is for a man that is born of Water (Word of GOD) and Spirit (HOLY SPIRIT). The two together will also nurture that new nature in us so that we can be conformed to the express image of GOD.

Being born of the water means that our lives would be washed clean of impurities and evil that has found our lives as dwelling their places. The main territory the Water will work upon is the mind. It would do an extensive work of replacing our ideals and ideologies of life with that of CHRIST. It will work in helping us to create another world (one that mirrors the Kingdom of GOD) after it must have worked on demolishing the world that the fallen man has spent time creating with rigour.

Being of the Spirit means that the HOLY SPIRIT would begin to take charge of our hearts (spirit) and lead us on what we should do according to the Word of GOD that we have been feeding on. The HOLY SPIRIT would never lead us to do things that are not of the Word of GOD. It is the working together of the Word of GOD and the HOLY SPIRIT that will give us access to the Kingdom of GOD.

The access is simply our lives . . . we have hoped for HIM to the extent that our lives are becoming the object of our Hope – which is CHRIST!


I declare that I will begin to seek GOD more than before in prayers, in Word and every of my engagements. I will seek Him till I become all He wants me to be – HIM!



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