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10. JCH 2: 1-4

On arriving at the place of marriage ceremony in Cana, wine had already been exhausted. The wine pots had run dry and people were longing to see their thirst quenched. CHRIST like many of us could have jumped to the opportunity to portray Himself as the “Hero of the day” but He was particular with the timing. Despite His mother’s approach to notify Him of the situation at hand, He replied, “You must not tell me what to do, my time has not yet come” (GNB). This does not give liberty to children to disobey their fathers and mothers as CHRIST was simply telling Mary that GOD’s time was what He was waiting for.

As Saints of GOD, we are conquerors and have the power to shine in any situation we find ourselves but as children of GOD that we truly are, we must let HIM determine when we are to show forth our ability in HIM. The timing of GOD is different from the timing of man.


When the time seems right but there is no instruction from GOD, we must learn to wait on Him.


If we stay close to GOD enough, He will defend our case before those who are eager to wait for GOD’s manifestation through our lives and we would not have problem with them for obeying the LORD. If we do, GOD is ready to strengthen and keep us true throughout the process of waiting on Him.


LORD! Give me the strength to wait upon You in any situation without compromising my stand for You before men.



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