True Authority: Dependence on GOD

True Authority: Dependence on GOD

26. JCH5: 24-30

Even CHRIST had utter dependency on GOD while He was living among men. He said “I can of Myself do nothing“. Although GOD had given HIM all the right to judge, He would not judge without being led by GOD. This goes to all as leaders that we all are. When GOD gives us the right to rule and judge the affairs of some set of people, He is expecting us to trust HIM for direction as He trusts us with the lives of these people; hoping that we will not falter in our duties.

Although we have some power of our own to lead this people in a way or another, HE wants us to trust in HIM for every decision we make at all times.

CHRIST also exemplified that to live the everlasting Life of GOD; all we need to do is believe. Believing the word of GOD and doing it accordingly is how the Life of GOD can be ours even in abundance. The Word of GOD are Spirit and Life so anyone who takes GOD’s Word and makes it part of his life is already taking part of the everlasting Life of GOD.

It is only those who believe the truth by doing it wholeheartedly that will not be judged on the final day! They will be glorified instead!

LORD, help me to depend on You more than ever before! May I not be satisfied with the infilling of Your Word!



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  1. ReplyCharles
    Yes that is just the truth for every decision we make we must first seek the face of God.

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