True Blessings

True Blessings

29. JCH6: 1-15

GOD already knows what He would do because He knew the end from the beginning. So whatever situation GOD opens our eyes to see or notice has already been settled by GOD. What He wants from us is Trust. He is our help and our provision. The situation that we find ourselves may look impossible but it is GOD’s way of showing us that He can do all things and that only He can call forth what is not as though they were.

Although He is set to do mighty things through our lives, yet He requires that we give up what seems to be insufficient as the reference for blessing generations to come.

He wants to use us to bless our families, our colleagues and the society at large. He will multiply the little we have brought before HIM in total submission; He would bless many through the little we have . . . all we need is to trust HIM and be willing to give all we have to HIM. Far beyond having blessings, He wants us to be sources of blessings so that through us people would come to GOD.

LORD, like the woman that gave her two mites, I want to give the little that I have to you! Help me give all to you in all situation so I may become Your designed blessings for generations to come.



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