True Discipleship

True Discipleship
Image Credit: Alaska Bible Teacher

7. JCH 1: 35-40

Two of John’s disciples, before CHRIST came into the picture had been following John, hearing his messages and proclamations about CHRIST. When they finally saw Him and heard John’s word about HIM just like the ones he had been proclaiming, they followed HIM without hesitation and sought to abide with HIM in His abode. They were not hindered by the loyalty they had for John because they understood that all John had been doing was because of CHRIST. It was the knowledge that CHRIST was the Lord and Saviour that made them leave John and follow CHRIST without remorse of disloyalty.

There is no essence of discipleship if the followers could not attain that which the disciplers want them to attain. It is not an act of disloyalty to leave GOD rather, it would be an act of disloyalty to GOD on John’s side if he had hindered them from making the move.

In discipleship, a disciple is expected to follow his discipler to the extent that the discipler follows CHRIST. The discipler does not measure the standard of discipleship, he exemplifies it. CHRIST had already set the standards through the Words He spoke and the Life He lived. In essence, He is that True Standard both the disciplers and disciples are looking up to. A disciple or follower must watch these two things in the life of his discipler (pastor, father, and fellow saint): is he saying/doing what CHRIST would have said/done in this kind of situation?

Disciplers are examples and not the standard so we must only follow them when they are the perfect example of what CHRIST would do in a particular situation.


LORD! Give me a heart of discipleship that would naturally exemplify the characters of Your Beloved Son whenever any situation arises! Give me the heart to release those who are matured enough to follow CHRIST directly after they must have seen HIM through my Light. I crave for a loyal heart and not a heart that craves for loyalty!




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