True Faith

True Faith
Credit: Megin Hughes

22. JCH4: 43-54

The Galileans did not receive the testimony of CHRIST until they saw the wonder and miracles He performed in Jerusalem. They did not honour HIM by believing that He was truly sent from GOD as He was proclaiming all around Judea and Samaria. He was too familiar to them that they could not honour HIM by believing in His Words. They could not honour HIM until they saw what He could do and the power He wielded.


  • Faith is Faith when things hoped for are not visible or feasible.
  • Faith is Faith when GOD speaks and we take HIM for His words even when all seems to be against the reality of the spoken Words.
  • Faith is how GOD knows those who are given to Him.


what we believe without seeing manifests, we believe more and we grow in faith. It is the faith of the gentiles that holds on to what is physical and temporal but the Faith of saint is in every word that comes from the Heavenly Father.

The Word of GOD should be enough as the sign we must seek when GOD speaks. It is a sign that He will surely do because He says He will. We must live by Faith and not by sight. We will not grow in Faith or in HIM if we only believe in what is already visible or what he has done only. Though our relationship starts from His love for us and our love of/for HIM, Faith and Trust are needed for our relationship to be solidified. This is how we would have good report before HIM and the good report is that we honour GOD by laying hold unto His Words above all things that pose as likely and better alternatives even before the manifestations come to fore.

LORD, let the faith of CHRIST that would bank on GOD’s Word at all times without regards to what is seen or not work expressly within me. Let me be totally given to Your Word above all things!




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