True Honour

True Honour

28. JCH5: 41-47

JESUS was not particular about what people perceived HIM to be. He was not moved by people’s conclusion about HIM because the only thing He was particular about was the honour that GOD gives. He also desisted from creating any image before men as He was only focusing on letting everyone see GOD – The Father.

Although His name works wonders, He refused to come in His name; He refused to have a name until GOD gave it to HIM!

It is the love of/for GOD that would birth our desire to obey HIM and do what pleases HIM. Seeking honour from men is a sign that we do not truly believe in GOD and it also signifies that what we are seeking is the praise from men and not the praises of GOD. Though men want what is pleasing to the ear and gratifies the flesh, our work is to carry out GOD’s mandates regardless. We are not moved by the things of this world but by the leading of the Spirit of GOD.

We are not meant to do things because people like it but because GOD commands it. We must not compromise the love of GOD with the fear of not being accepted by the people.

CHRIST was not trying to appeal to people’s vanity. He was pointing out their discrepancies so they could repent from their unbelief. He was doing this out of love just a like mother would correct her child whether the child likes it or not. We usually forget that this world is enmity with GOD and there can never be a compromise between faith and unbelief. Even though GOD is in enmity with the world, He loves people of this world dearly and whatever GOD instructs is because of the love He has for the people. We must also understand this so as not to see this people as GOD’s enemies . . . it is the prince of this world (satan) that is the true enemy.

LORD, fill my heart with Your love. Let my obedience to You override any crave for recognition among men.

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