“The princes of Judah were like them that remove the bound: therefore I will pour out my wrath upon them like water.

Ephraim is oppressed and broken in judgment, because he willingly walked after the commandment.

Therefore will I be unto Ephraim as a moth, and to the house of Judah as rottenness” 

Hosea 5: 1012


GOD is a GOD of liberty . . . HE is always in the business and the mood to set people free from the ideologies and cultures that are holding them in captivity; and also from the oppression of the devil who is the father of all things evil.

The true definition of bondage is living contrary to the will and design of GOD; to live completely less than design and out of scope based on GOD’s specifications. So when a man is enlightened by the LORD, what he would see is the bondage in which he has been ensnared by the devil and the gimmicks of this world.

It is the acknowledgement that he is in bondage and the willingness to be free that initiates the process of deliverance and salvation.

After GOD delivered the Israelites from Pharaoh, HE began to structure their lives based on HIS promises and covenant HE made with their Ancestor – Abraham. There was an established system in Egypt but GOD was also establishing a new system after the Israelites’ deliverance.

One could say that the Israelites came out of a structured system into another therefore they were still in some kind of slavery. As logical as this is, it is far from the Truth.

The Egyptian system was built and designed to frustrate, oppress and subjugate the Israelites. When a new king came after Joseph, he designed a system that would function against the Israelites. Therefore because GOD’s covenant of ownership was on the Israelites through Abraham, HE designed another system that would foster their development and growth.

So GOD’s definition of Freedom or Liberty is living by GOD’s design. It is not an aimless or lawless living but living purposefully based on GOD’s specifications. Our Law of living is in CHRIST for the Law of the Spirit is in Life in CHRIST JESUS.



Position and Boundary

Because GOD’s system is so infinitely great and eternal, HE always establishes Landmark i.e. a position that each person in HIS Kingdom must occupy and function therein.

HE is so detailed and precise that the specific position HE appoints for each and everyone has an organic connection to the person we are becoming in CHRIST. This position will serve as the primitive link between the person and GOD. The Garden of Eden was that link for Adam and GOD would always come to him until he was no longer qualified to stay in the Garden.


To every position, there is always a boundary set so that the person does not trespass and move out of the position GOD had designed for him/her. To remove this boundary and move out of the position is what automatically leads to decay and degradation because the position is not just a source of responsibility but primary a source of life to the person.




Ideas and Concepts

Because every system needs a rule of engagement, GOD authors rules of conducts for each and everyone. These rules are both general and peculiar. The general rules apply to all because they serve as the overall guidelines for every subsystem within the whole system. But the peculiar rules are rules authored for each subsystems based on their peculiarities and how they function to uphold the integrity of the mother system.

The Israelites at some point erred against the LORD and went on to do things based on their own ideas and concepts that are alien to GOD. They did this for many times but GOD made sure they eventually became unfruitful in their pursuit. But naturally, whatever is done contrary to the precept of the system within which it is done cannot be sustained by the same system. If we are in GOD’s Kingdom, it is automatic that we should do things according to the dictates or precepts of GOD who authors and owns the Kingdom.

Whatever we do in GOD’s Kingdom with an alien concept or precept cannot stand or be sustained by GOD. GOD would rather lay it to waste than remodel it to fit HIS Kingdom.

Ideas and Concepts of functioning in GOD’s Kingdom based on our position must be one that GOD gives or totally approves. GOD is always deterrent and activating HIS destruction mode whenever HE senses any foreign element in HIS Kingdom. Therefore, we must be careful of how we do things or how we introduce elements into GOD’s system of things. The best way is to input what HE has given by HIMSELF or what He has given us the power to generate for HIS purpose.

GOD’s ways of doing things are powered by homogeneity i.e. purity and perfection.



In GOD’s scheme of things on earth, the Church is by no argument pivotal to the righteousness HE is set to perpetrate and perpetuate on earth.

But it would be a shame and sore sight if GOD sees that the Church is no more at the position in which HE has established her. It would be unbearable for HIM if we are executing HIS operations outside HIS established position and out of the confines of HIS Will and Precepts that should determine how we must do things to ensure that the reality of Heaven may be evident on earth.

Many gatherings in the name of the LORD do not teach precepts of the LORD, rather they infuse the precepts of men into the hearts and minds of GOD’s people after GOD had delivered them from those unholy and fleshy precepts.

The problem is not in the fact that these precepts yield result but because they are not authored by the Spirit of the LORD.

The issue is about consecration and not inclusion because the idea is not to be among those who are seen as productive or successful but as those who are devoted to GOD whether it pays to do so or not.

The Church is also fast destroying the landmark and moving away from the position that the LORD had set for her. The Church is leaving the position of Intercession, Teaching of the Word and Discipleship to involvement in matters of National and Economic Development when it is not in GOD’s scheme to do at the particular time. Although the influence of Church is paramount to the development of nations, she has gone out of the way that GOD sets for her to get involved in the way she is not meant to get involved.

Although the Church is a conglomeration of Priests and Princes, the primary goal of the Church is to establish Priesthood of CHRIST wherever she finds herself before those she has established GOD in their hearts go all out and execute what is IN their hearts as Princes.



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