The delight of CHRIST if not the only delight is that HE fears the LORD even though HE is LORD. Isaiah 11: 1-3 talks about the distinctions of CHRIST through the manifestation of the HOLY SPIRIT in HIM but much emphasis was laid on the Fear of The LORD as the manifestation HE delights the most despite all the wonderful manifestations that were mentioned before it.

Indeed, the manifestation of these six initial manifestations will make anyone to be equal with GOD – LORDship, Wisdom, Understanding, Counsel, Might and Knowledge. They are all that is needed to make an indelible mark upon People, Places and Things. But with these qualities, a man’s work and accomplishments will still suffer destruction in the end in the absence of The Fear of The LORD.

It is the Fear of The LORD that makes a man turn to GOD even when HE has all the capacities to go all out on his own. Although CHRIST was and is still GOD, HE never did anything without GOD’s approval or consent. Whatever HE did consciously or unconsciously as a Man on earth was as a result of HIS True Devotion to GOD even though HE was also GOD. It is The Fear of The LORD that made HIM learn obedience even unto death while HE was on earth.

It is The Fear of The LORD that would make anyone put GOD’s will above HIS personal will or desire. Although he may not have all it takes to execute GOD’s will while having everything needed to venture into what he personally desires, he chooses to go in the Way of GOD’s Will. If CHRIST, the Author of our Faith and the Head of The Church could do this with HIS GOD-nature, then how much more should be expected from the Church who is under HIS subjection. If the Church claims to look unto CHRIST then The Fear of The LORD must be our utmost delight just as it is for HIM.

After building up, nurturing and helping ourselves in all aspects of life, there is no doubt that prosperity and blessings will begin to emerge, evolve right from within the Church. This is because the building has ingrained blessing and prosperity into who we are and not what we have. By this, it is very certain that we will begin to generate resources, wealth and riches that are spiritual, mental and physical – This is a natural order in GOD’s Kingdom.

The true test is what we do with the people, money, influence, power, might, wisdom and understanding that we have gained inherently. When the Church succeeds in generating clean resources and building undefiled influence cultivated by integrity, how are we going to response to GOD’s response afterwards? Are we going to go all out because the resources we need are within reach or are we going to wait on HIM still as we have been waiting before?

The Church has most times gone out of the Way to do things because they have the capacity and quality to do so even without the inspiration and the command the HOLY SPIRIT. We do things because they are in our reach and capacity to do so without checking GOD’s consent for approval. We claim HIM and identify with HIM but we do not fear HIM enough to tender our prowess before HIM in complete obedience.

True Prosperity is defined by the amount of GOD we embody by obeying HIM through the amount our relationship with HIM as given us. A church that does not fear the LORD may edify and develop people but they are only developing people that will not give due regards to GOD even when they want to do so. Our prosperity stays true when what we have is GOD’s and they are made ready for furthering GOD’s agenda the way GOD loves it. Any attempt to do otherwise would turn both the prosperity of the person and possessions false before GOD.

The edification of the Church is all about building people and structuring processes and developing things that will still help the people to be built up in the way of the LORD. The Fear of The LORD as applied to the Church is letting GOD decide the purpose for each people, places and things we have built. If HE is truly the ONE inspiring us to build then HE must also inspire us to determine the purpose of everyone and everything HE has built through us. If peace with HIM facilitated the building of these living Temples, then HE must decide how HE wants to be worshiped in each Temple.



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