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There is no nation that the LORD almighty is not particular about whether they are defiant to His will or operating in the confine of the same. If the earth is the LORD’s and its fullness thereof, it means HE has His plans for everyone living in any part of this world. His will is far more than global as it comprises the processions in both Heaven and on Earth. His rulership spans beyond the whole universe that man has identified or not.

But more importantly, the LORD is more particular about Israel as a Nation. And this Israel is the conglomeration Saints of the LORD Most High. If there is anything the GOD desires to do in the conventional nations of the world/earth, HE will do it through His Saints on earth. The alarming thing is that the Saints are fast veering away from the will of the FATHER as well. The Nation that the LORD had gathered for HIMSELF from all ends of the earth is fast integrating himself into the nations by adopting the ideals of these nations into the system GOD designed for him.

The LORD had conquered many battles for His Nation of Saints (Priests and Princes) but nothing has been done by the Saints to implement GOD’s will on earth. But because of His patience and mercy, HE is still putting up with our undue excesses and shortcomings of life in doing His will that we have pledged to accept as a Nation.

This is because we have not fully subjected ourselves under the total and complete tutelage of the FATHER, SON and the HOLY SPIRIT. Because of this, the rulership of the Nation of GOD’s Saints has been given to people who are above others in terms of consecration and bravery – They are the Othniel, Jephthahs.

This is the reason why there are so much imperfections and scandals happening amidst GOD’s people. To some noticeable extent, they are just as human as the leaders of other nations because they tend to operate in and out of GOD’s will, based on the option that suits them. The pronunciation against an unstable entity is that it will not excel according to its design – and this is what is happening to GOD’s Nation.

The reason is because most of the raising are not done in the total light of GOD and if they were, they have refused to stay perpetually in this light. There have been rising and falling of GOD’s servants and there will be more if we do not focus on doing things as designed by GOD. Because of this, they tend to struggle to even meet up to the standard of the nations GOD has designed them to reach out to.

Ancient Israel had judges given to them for the purpose of rulership not because these men were perfectly aligned to the will of GOD but because they were responsive to the dire situation at that time. So GOD used them to keep the integrity of His identity upon Israel intact until HE could find someone HE would raise by HIMSELF. These ones could have been used for GOD’s total liberation but they did not yield wholly to GOD’s commands.

And GOD did find one named Samuel whose mother vowed that HE would give back to the LORD if the LORD. Hannah used her highest object of need to meet GOD’s need. GOD took Samuel and practically raised him by HIMSELF under the tutelage and protection of Eli. Samuel record of being a spotless judge and prophet was unquestionable because GOD was responsible for his raising.

The onus is therefore on families of Saints of GOD – families that have purposed to dedicate their offspring to the Will, Nurture and Service of the LORD without questioning. As the contemporary Israel of GOD, the highest of the sacrifice we can do to please GOD and secure the future of contemporary Israel is to lose our children totally to GOD of all flesh so HE could by HIMSELF raise these children for the sole purpose of doing His will as a product of fostering a DEEPer Relationship with HIM than the present generation could ever attained in HIM.

Another example of such children was Moses whose mother – Jochebed could not afford to offer up to die by the hands of the Egyptians but made sure he was raised to know his identity and what GOD had purposed for HIM among his brethren. No wonder GOD was using them as yardstick to know how much he esteemed both of them in Jeremiah 15:1. The major similarity between Moses and Samuel was that they had been given to the LORD from the very beginning. The lives of Moses and Samuel went in the way of the LORD because of the decisions that Jochebed made and the vow Hannah voiced out before GOD in prayers.

The ancient Israel was also not patient enough for GOD to do what HE planned to do while Samuel was still the faithful judge directing the affairs of Israel according to GOD’s commandments.

Israel was busy trying to integrate the ideals of other nations into the system GOD was busy perfecting for HIMSELF and especially for the same Israel that was trying to veer away from the original design.

This veering later resulted to the installment of Saul as the kings because they were tired of letting GOD function as the TRUE KING over them; they desire to be like other nations when in truth, they were meant to lead other nations be into doing GOD’s will. Is this not what the contemporary Israel is doing presently? We clamour for what the world is doing vehemently in the ears of the LORD . . .

We fail to know His will concerning us but we want him to fit Israel into the mold of other nations that are not pleasing to HIM.

Our value system is not determined by His Kingdom anymore but by the things we see around us. We do not seek the Kingdom on high but we demand that HE makes us after the likeness of the kingdom of this world.

But GOD was lenient enough to still use Saul for the liberation of Israel and HE was faithful and committed to doing so until Saul was disobedient and GOD had to remove him from the throne. Before HE removed him, Saul did things to GOD’s people GOD would not have done to them. Saul did this because HE was not raised by GOD. Saul was not a man after GOD’s Heart.

The Israel of today must not tailor his life after other nations because he is already in covenant of ownership with the LORD. If Israel must receive ideas, instructions and counsels, it must be from the LORD and not from the world that is enmity with GOD. What GOD designed for the whole ancient Israel was what HE did in David. David  saw GOD in everything he did because GOD had raised him for HIMSELF before equipping him for the rulership of Israel. If David was not found as a man after GOD’s own heart, he would not have been chosen by GOD as king for Israel.

This simply means that a man after GOD’s heart is one who will do ALL THE WILL OF GOD. David also exemplified this attribute after he was made King because he wholly subjected the rulership GOD gave to him under the rulership of the same GOD.

In the midst of everything that is happening to contemporary Israel, GOD is looking to raise those who will see HIM in whatever they do and HE is trusting that families will rise up to this grave responsibility. We must raise themselves in the similitude of GOD while doing the work just like David saw GOD in his work as a shepherd. It is the seeing of the just ONE and hearing HIM that will make him a man after GOD’s heart who GOD has designed to do His Will.

It is the same height of sacrifice that would be required to raise these kids that the same kids would emulate in relating with GOD.  GOD is more ready than ever to raise Priests like Samuel and Princes like David who would wholly subscribe to the TUTELAGE, INSTRUCTIONS, DIRECTIONS, LEADERSHIP and RULERSHIP of GOD.

GOD is waiting on Families to give their offspring up for His Glory. This is the only way The Church and The Nations can be fit as the habitation of GOD and His Covenanted People.



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