Faithful and Wise Servant

Faithful and Wise Servant

MATTHEW 24: 42 – 51

Who is considered a faithful and wise servant? How can we recognize one? What does a faithful and wise servant hold dear more than anything?

According to CHRIST’s narrative, a faithful and wise servant is the one given the responsibility of a householder and a householder is the one in charge of administrating resources among the members of the house. He is the one GOD has put in charge of a particular set of people for the purpose of relaying the content of His heart and the plans of His mind to them.

A faithful and wise servant may be a ruler or a person in full control of an entity but he is nevertheless subjected to a higher authority (GOD) that made him a ruler.


So the first pointer to note about a faithful and wise servant is that despite his position of rulership, he sees those he rules as fellow servants offering services to the same MASTER that has put him in charge. The only difference is that he has been trusted with the responsibility of making sure the house is ordered according to the dictates of the MASTER. Whatever resources that is entrusted in his hands, he always makes sure they are administered accurately without holding back for himself unduely


He would not bloat himself with food when other servants do not have anything to eat for strength to carry out tasks given to them by the MASTER.


And this he keeps doing until the day of visitation when GOD would come to see whether he has been doing according to HIS commands for HIS people. GOD saw something in a servant before HE would give him administrative responsibilities but beyond that, HE would want to know whether he really has the heart to be responsible for a greater duty or not. HE is testing to know if he would show his true self by either administering these resources accordingly or grow greedy by acquiring it all for himself and lording it over his fellow servants like he is the MASTER.


This is why HE first tests us with administration of food (consumables) whether spiritual, emotionalphysical or financial for the purpose of nurturing the other servants to the required stature.

After going through this process successfully, GOD would now be at rest to take him to another realm of responsibility that involves administration of resources for empowering the servants to be able to create eternal value, build and beautify the Household of the MASTER.



A faithful and wise servant is one who nurtures fellow servants of the MASTER in order to attain the stature and the posture required to shoulder bigger responsibilities in MASTER’s Household.

A faithful and wise servant is only focused on ensuring that what the MASTER has done or is doing for him is also evident in the lives of other servants around him.

He is considered faithful because his obedience is precisely mixed with diligence for the purpose of doing all he could to the best of his knowledge for the MASTER.

He is considered wise because eventually, he realizes that his growth and blessing (stature before the MASTER) is a function of helping others grow and be blessed by what the MASTER has put in his charge for other servants.

He is both faithful and wise because his focus is not on the rulership or administration but the ONE who instituted it; and he is not particular about the resources but the responsibilities attached to these resources.

He is faithful because his status as a ruler does not hinder the humility (status) of the servant he is before the MASTER. He is wise because he understands that whatever the MASTER gives us to do is not to be done to our satisfaction but to HIS . . .


Hypocrites are those who feign servanthood for the purpose of attaining rulership and thereafter, doing contrary to the will of the MASTER . . . their portion is sheer nothingness!




Photo Credit: Metro Life Church

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