There are too many similarities between the life of Jochebed and Hannah except that one was not barren like the other. They both married into priesthood and gave birth in critical times that were not palatable for the people of Israel.

During the time of Jochebed, Israel was in slavery and the Egyptians were oppressing them from every side of life. In the time of Hannah, Israel was under the subjugation of the Philistines while priesthood was also corrupt. During both times, the LORD was looking for just one vessel HE could use to turn things around in a very definite manner for the Israelites. HE was looking for one person to align to the agenda HE held most dear to His Heart at that time.

Hannah being troubled by her barrenness, cried out to GOD in faith as opposed to finding solace in her husband while Jochebed could not bear the thought of surrendering his son to the Egyptians just so that could kill him. Both of them showed and demonstrated faith towards GOD concerning what they held dear to their hearts and GOD was faithful to them in return.

But this was not their bravest feat! Although they were full of faith and bold enough to measure up to the faith, their final resolve towards GOD turned things around for GOD and the Israelites. They did not only by faith acquire what they wanted, they were faithful enough to use that same need they acquired from GOD to meet the need of GOD at that particular moment in history of GOD’s people.

Hannah vowed to give up Samuel – the object that took her ridicule away and offered him back to GOD as soon as he was weaned. She was gifted with Samuel by GOD and she gifted Samuel back to GOD.

Jochebed could only see the beautiful future of Moses and not the persecution that pharaoh commanded. By faith, she offered Moses up to pharaoh’s daughter but by wisdom got him back to show our faithfulness to GOD by nurturing Moses to have the knowledge of his identity and purpose in life.

They were both ordinary wives of priests who did something extraordinary that few women could even dare to do. They simply looked beyond their highest and direst point of need to attend to the direst need of GOD with what would attend to their own needs. They were not exclusively mentioned as heroines of faith but their actions were no less than other heroes. In fact, they chose to become almost unseen just to see the need of GOD being met – that is True Heroism!

It is important to note that GOD did not command or compel them to give up their children; they gave them out of their own accord and did nothing to lay claim unto them or redeem them from GOD. It was their critical response to GOD’s critical need based on the critical situations of Israel that set their offspring on a critical path that only GOD could take a man through successfully. And both Moses and Samuel were successful even in their critical assignments given to them by GOD.

YES! We are in those critical times again where all things are not how GOD designed and purposed them to be according to His will.

GOD’s people are exposed to all kinds of oppression just like it happened in Egypt and with the Philistines. The priesthood of the household of GOD are also under scrutiny because of many questionable and unlawful deeds.

YES! In these critical times, GOD is looking out for vessels to use for His Glory and unless Hannahs and Jochebeds arise to do the unexpected and critical by offering their offspring to the sole ownership and control of GOD, these critical times will linger on and on . . .

Will you align yourselves to GOD by giving up your highest need to meet GOD’s need in these critical times of life? Would you sacrifice that which you have earnestly sought before the LORD back to HIM?


The True Fasting entails giving up your most prized possessions to the LORD to use as HE wishes. Most importantly, GOD is looking for mothers like Hannah and Jochebed who will resign the ownership of their children to be used by GOD and GOD alone.

The greatest gift a mother or father could give both GOD and her child is to gift both to each other. Let your offspring have GOD and let GOD have them completely.

GOD is looking for mothers who will not raise their children based on their own personal ambitions or dreams but on the design of GOD that HE had drafted even before the beginning of the world. HE is looking for mothers that would make GOD – The FATHER of their children, the SON as their BROTHER and ROLE MODEL; and HOLY SPIRIT as their TEACHER and GUIDE.

GOD currently desires to raise Moseses and Samuels with the nature of CHRIST growing in them constantly and no mother has to necessarily be in the critical situation of Hannah and Jochebed before giving up their children to be raised as Liberators and Deliverers of GOD’s people.

“The seeds that are being passed to you and you have made to bear fruits . . . give those fruits to me to ME and let ME process them for MY delight and the delight of the Saints.

Can you let ME make your fruits into generations of Liberators and Deliverers; generations of priests whose sole business to heed MY Word by making it their Life Works?

Instead of self-made rulers and leaders, allow ME to raise Leaders for MYSELF and for your people also.

Let ME make faithful men and women out of your infants and suckling – give me their hearts and I will give MINE to them in return.

If you really desire to see ME like you always claim and declare, let ME show MYSELF to you through your offspring.

If you desire ME in your life, desire more of ME in your offspring.

Let them be your eyes and hears in the latter days of your lives when your body could no longer express ME and your mind could no longer process MY Words effectively.

It is your choice to desire a posterity that you have envisioned but cannot last or MY posterity I have envisioned and would last for eternity.”


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