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In the midst of a system that seems to be in order
That seems to have everything figured out in a definite manner
He wonders if these webs of status quo are all that is ever . . .

He desists from this exercise not because he wants to be different
But because a Person within is yearning for something different
And the masters of the existing systems are nothing but deterrent

With that inquisitive yet somewhat feeble mind
He decides to follow that yearning within
That Persona saying within him that there must be something
Something that this system has not found because it is hidden

Even though he is doing what is definitely a sacrifice
There are people that feel he must pay a steep price
And this may lead to his demise

They persuade him to desist from going further on the journey
Because in their permutation and calculation, all they see is nothing
But that yearning within assures that he will gain everything.

He is still treading that path no one has ever taken
And even though the end is not near yet
He knows something greater is available for taking.

Most importantly, he has discovered . . .
That the DESTINATION is more than just a physical place to dwell
But the same PERSON that has been yearning within him

There is a path that might not have been trodden by man(y)
But this does not stop him if it is the true path for the journey.
There would always be moments of great doubt
But he must allow the Person within to express Himself without.

Belief system only works based on a founded example
But for setting a new example . . .
Faith is the element responsible.

Remember, GOD is the destination!


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