SAINT’s FOCUS: Of Family and Tutelage

SAINT’s FOCUS: Of Family and Tutelage

“But you do not be called ‘RABBI’; for ONE is your TEACHER, the CHRIST, and you are all brethren.

Do not call anyone on earth your father; for ONE is your FATHER, HE who is in Heaven.

And do not be called TEACHERS; for ONE is your TEACHER, The CHRIST.”

Matthew 23: 8-10

Most of the deep teachings of CHRIST were for the Disciples’ consumption and edification. HE spoke many words to them and gave instructions and commandments they were meant to live by. It does not suggest or prove in any way that one is under the law when s/he has these instructions written on his/her mind and heart. The complete and diligent obedience to these teachings, instructions and commands are by all standards compulsory for our perfect restoration to GOD’s design.

When HE was using the Pharisees and the Scribes as examples or case studies, HE was directing His teachings to everyone who came to HIM. HE was not only telling the Disciples but everyone coming to learn at His feet. And the teachings were aimed at redirecting the focus of people and saints back to GOD and HIM.

JESUS was telling the multitudes and especially the disciples about a new family they were meant to be admitted into – The Family of GOD.

HE was also showing them the new school they were meant to be admitted into – The School of Discipleship of CHRIST facilitated by the HOLY SPIRIT.

This simply means that no one under the Tutelage of CHRIST and in the Family of GOD should take on the Title of Teacher and Father since we already have CHRIST as the Teacher and GOD as the FATHER naturally taking up these positions from before now till eternity.

Although many Saints teach and display the characteristics of teachers and fathers, these positions and titles (names) are not ours to fill or bear because we are mainly passing across to others what CHRIST and the FATHER are passing across to us through the HOLY SPIRIT.


This is the Dynamics:

We are like Students being taught the conducts and the mysteries of the kingdom of Heaven. CHRIST teaches us through His HOLY SPIRIT from time to time and sometimes asks us to speak to others based on what HE has spoken or taught to us and also do likewise. This is because the more we teach and do what HE teaches, the more they stay with us.

We are also like Adopted Children whom GOD-The FATHER had received and grafted into His House, showered with Love and Care for the purpose of transformation of who we are to who HE desired and designed us to be – which is HIM eventually. So after many unceasing periods of Love, Care and Attention from HIM, HE simply sends us out to those HE desired to adopt just like HE did for us by showing the Love, Care and Attention that we have received from HIM.

The inability to make others enroll in the school of Discipleship that we have been enrolled into shows that we have not truly embodied His teachings (doctrines) and the decision to start our own personal school proves that we are not True Students of CHRIST.

If our passion for the knowledge of CHRIST does not drive us to bring others into the same knowledge without holding back or keeping them deliberately under personal tutelage, then our passion is only for the glorification of self.  If the Students that we are meant to enroll into CHRIST’s School are only interested in what we say and not dive into that Eternal Life of CHRIST then we have started a new school whose proprietor is not CHRIST.

Our responsibility is not to create another school but an extension of CHRIST’s School that only makes use of the Eternal Life Curriculum that CHRIST had authored and designed through the HOLY SPIRIT.

What Absalom did to David is what many people are doing to GOD right now . . . After GOD had washed our sins away, embraced us in His Love, Care ceaselessly for us and Gifted us with His undivided Attention, we simply stay at the entrance to His Family House and solve people’s problems by the abilities we have gained from HIM just so that we could depopulate His House, His Kingdom while we build our own family and empire.

Instead of showing them the Love of the FATHER, we are showing them what we have gained from the Love of the FATHER.

Making another family in the name of GOD without GOD as the FATHER is not adding to the Family of GOD, it is actually creating another family that does not belong to GOD. If truly we are of the Family of GOD, even the leader of the family will not see himself as the father but as Householder who has the heart of the FATHER.


This is the clarity:

There is only ONE TEACHER and HE is CHRIST but there are many of His Pupils who have His Mind which is the Mind of CHRIST. Anyone who poses himself as The Teacher is not CHRIST’s Pupil but only getting from CHRIST to establish himself before men and not promote CHRIST and His Gospel. As a True Disciple, if others think like you or respond to issues like you, it must be that CHRIST thinks and responds the same.

There is only ONE FATHER and HE is GOD but there are many Sons and Daughters who has His Heart which is the Heart of the FATHER. Anyone who poses himself as the father is not truly GOD’s son because in the New Covenant, the highest attainment in GOD is Sonship not fatherhood. Anyone who proclaims himself as a father among GOD’s people is only in their midst to rake followers and servants for his lofty ambitions of grandeur. As True Sons and Daughters our way of life or lifestyle must always prompt people to ask who we are and whose we are. Those who have the Heart of the FATHER will not only proclaim GOD’s ownership over themselves but also establish His Love in the hearts of those who are curious to ask and ready to receive HIM.


As Students of CHRIST, we can only grow not as graduate because our learning on earth is perpetual till we have transcended to beyond where GOD lives. The rest that we are yet to learn will be fully added to us through His Glorification. Or perfection is in the sense that we learn, obey and grow based on our studiousness and proper attention to His Word. The Mind of CHRIST can only be attained through Discipline. It is this Discipline that will take away any ambition of doing things outside CHRIST’s Designed Educational System and responsible for portraying CHRIST as the ONLY TRUE TEACHER.

When a man is disciplined in a course, he begins to think and see the world based on the perspectives of his discipline. The same is said about CHRIST’s Educational System. When a man is disciplined in the Course and Life of CHRIST, he begins to think and see the world in the light of CHRIST’s perspective to life and s/he no longer has a perspective of his/her own.

As Sons and Daughters of GOD, we can only grow to being filled with ALL that HE is . . . that does not mean we should institute another family because we have got what it takes to do so. The true essence of a family is in the ability to stay as ONE under GOD and not to create many factions under GOD. Many people have created different families in the name of GOD with different focus and agendas that are not in conformity to one another and ultimately not in conformity with the GOD’s Design as Family.

So we are in the business of superficial conformity just to show that we are all from GOD when what we all need to do is go back to GOD and be joined with HIM. It is in tracing our steps back to GOD or advancing towards HIM that we will naturally conform to one another. The True Conformity can only be achieved in GOD alone. If we are truly of the Family of GOD, no one is FATHER except GOD. One is at best a Householder of a place GOD has imprinted His name upon.


Are you a disciplined Student of CHRIST? Do you see Life, Business, Education and even Christianity in the Light of CHRIST’s Doctrine? Have you engaged yourself in defining Success, Result and Achievements according to the person of CHRIST? Are you True Sons and Daughters of GOD? Do you see GOD in Heaven as the FATHER or you still nurse the ambition of becoming The father?



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