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Isaiah 9:7; Romans 10:2; Psalm 69:8-12; Numbers 25:11-13

Everyone has what s/he is zealous for or about. We all have passion that drives us to make some decisions and take actions towards a desired change. Therefore, zeal is meant to get things done accordingly or to make sure things that are not acceptable disappear definitely.

As saints who are given to the LORD in all dimensions of life, our zeal is meant to be directed towards GOD and all that HE desires. It is natural that we have zeal just like any human but it most also be normal that as saints, our zeal is deeply rooted in GOD.

It is good and even productive to be zealous and exhibit some kind of intensity towards a cause and until this zeal consumes from the inside, things may not be done as envisioned. Those who are great and have great accomplishments attain their object of intention because the zeal or the desire to attain has eaten them up till they have nothing more to do than to fully grasp the object of their zeal. The same zeal for the object they desire would have also eaten up every other recessive or silent object in their lives thereby creating a singular focus towards the dominant object of their zeal.

It is therefore worthy of note for every saint to check and find out what has been eating them up on the inside. What is consuming every other thing in the life of saints because it would not allow a shared occupancy in their hearts? A man is therefore possessed and driven by what he sees as his object of zeal.

Zeal is the heightened version of passion because its object takes over the whole essence of man and leaves no space for other objects to occupy.

As Saints – people that have given the control of their lives to GOD in CHRIST, The LORD GOD is the object of our zeal. If HE is not, then we are not taking HIM as sacred and wholeheartedly as we profess with our mouth. When we think about HIM and there is no stirring in our hearts to drive us to submit to HIM or allow HIM more in our lives, then we do not have zeal for HIM as we claim. We demonstrate our zeal towards HIM when it comes to the matter of Honouring HIM and HIS House.

When HIS Honour is at stake and HIS House is abused especially by those who are meant to keep it holy and clean, our response will qualify and quantify the degree at which we have Zeal for HIM.

Although GOD can never be ridiculed, our response must always be to uphold HIS Honour by standing true to HIM even in the midst of corruption and unGODliness. The zeal for GOD would also quicken us to making sure that HIS House does not stray from the purpose it was built or established. It is Honour unto HIM when we stand our ground and hold on to HIS Word despite circumstances and acting accordingly based on the same Word.

GOD sees it as a pleasure and beauty to behold when saints spend their lives for the purpose of making sure that the landmark that separates sacrednesspurity and holiness from secularismover-inclusiveness and corruption remains vivid. Because the zeal of the LORD has eaten them up on the inside, it is GOD that is left for them to express without.

A man that is zealous and extremely passionate for GOD may come across as intense and obviously extreme in his measures, but he is only acting on WHO is inside of him. By original design, the zeal of man is directed towards GOD. So the zeal of man is for GOD and all that the zeal does is to get things done according to the zeal of the LORD. Any man who has zeal for himself is the worst of all, because the zeal of self will eat up the essence of GOD until GOD leaves him be. This is the most dangerous situation a man could find himself.

Reversibly, the zeal of GOD is dedicated towards HIS creations but man in particular. So as the zeal of man should be directed towards GOD, the zeal of GOD is also directed towards man for the accomplishment of HIS will. The way it works is that as we make HIM the object of our zeal and HE becomes everything we are, HIS zeal for accomplishment will not see anyone but those who have embodied HIM.


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