After building in peace, establishment through The Fear of The LORD, we also need comfort for the process of multiplication. This is because the process of growing according to GOD’s definition is different from that of men and the world. JESUS started HIS ministry with 12 disciples that were devoted to HIM and for the period of 3.5 years, HE painstakingly multiply 12 disciples int0 120 that received the HOLY SPIRIT in the Upper Room.

And there was an incident that happened which made some followers to forsake HIM and went back to their former ways. This could have made CHRIST sad or begged them to stay with HIM but HE did not. HE was resolute because HE has the comfort if the HOLY SPIRIT within which assured HIM that those who are with HIM would not leave HIM nor would HE lost them.

The witness of the HOLY SPIRIT in us is the comfort that keeps us focus on the process of multiplication no matter how slow it is. Just like CHRIST, it is important to make people aware of the witness of the HOLY SPIRIT and teach its validity over all other witnesses outside GOD’s will and way. Just like CHRIST, the Church must be careful about multiplication. They must make sure that the process of multiplication is not hindered by considering people’s dispositions towards but mainly about GOD’s dispositions about people.

The comfort of the HOLY SPIRIT is what will make us understand that obeying GOD concerning a people foes not result to total acceptance. The comfort of the HOLY SPIRIT comes from the assurance that we have spoken or done according to all that GOD has commanded. The comfort of the HOLY SPIRIT comes after we have fearfully obeyed HIM. He comes into our hearts and whisper the confirmation of the Truth that we have established through HIS Fear. What we need to do is accept this comfort and fear HIM more.

It is the LORD that truly adds to the Church and ours to help HIM build those HE added according to HIS commands. Multiplication and addition belongs to GOD and HE gave the responsibility and capacity to build. If we do not build, GOD will not give increase and as many that veer away during the process of building, we must only put them in GOD’s care and consideration and also in our prayers. It would be error to keep them by adjusting standards to suit them.

If we really want to multiply according to GOD’s design and pattern, we must accept and digest the response of the HOLY SPIRIT gives to us as feedback based on what we have done through the fear of the LORD. It often saddens one’s heart when we sacrifice all ambitions and dreams because we fear GOD just to realize that what we have done as a result has not been received with the same intensity at which it was delivered to the targeted people. HOLY SPIRIT always comes afterwards to assure us that our labour of Love is never in rain and empower us to continuing living in The Fear of The LORD. The True Prosperity comes from Edification and The Fear of The LORD but for Prosperity to linger on and last forever, the comfort of the HOLY SPIRIT keeps us motivated to function without relenting.

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