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Two things seem to be far different from each other – strength and weakness. But there is a lesson to be learnt in weakness that would give you the knowledge and understanding to function properly during the time of strength. The truth is that strength and weakness are not meant to be kept wide apart . . . the mix as opposed to many people’s opinion would create balance and productivity that has never been experienced.

The weak definitely has a lot to learn but yet without him the cycle of life cannot be sustained. Also, the strong definitely has a lot to offer because of what he has learnt or passed through when as a weak man he lived.

So why can’t the weak stop claiming to be strong and be humbled enough to learn and the strong stop building castles in the air and be humbled enough for the purpose of serving those who are weak? This synergy of the weak and strong should birth an experience whereby the weak learns and the strong serves by teaching the weak to be stronger. It is a mix of those who are eager to realize their true potentials because of who they need to be to make a change and those who are already making changes but realize that there is still more to be done despite their exploits.

HELP Platform

Where the weak learns and the strong serves by teaching the weak to be stronger.

The term ‘weak and strong’ is not to depict the ‘rich and the poor’ or the ‘mighty and lowly’ but those who are in need of education, resources, skill sets and proper orientation to be changed and make a change; and those who have all these things and are ready to pass on to others who are willing to learn. The HELP in question might translate to giving assistance in all facets of life . . . people being each other’s solutions without going all the way to ask for help that have strings attached.

Every HELP any man must render must be for the fulfilment of being able to help another weak fellow in need. This platform would be any kind of platform that offers different forms of HELP roll into one. This is why user-user interaction and involvement are what is needed in the first place . . . people sharing their stories and the steps they are taking in solving their problems.

Indeed, everyone is strong and weak at some point and the idea is to emerge together and form a strong and formidable entity so that we can withstand our problems and celebrate our victories together. It is not an association but a fellowship where education and orientation/re-orientation of the person of CHRIST take precedence before any exploit . . .

It is a Reform! A gathering of people with individual gaze at; clear direction towards; and noble goals of our LORD JESUS CHRIST.

It is a Company! A synergy of pure hearted hearts and beautiful minds coming together to produce what is from their within to their world without

It is a Church! The gathering of GOD’s people going out as ONE to effect the change they have experienced within to their environment without.


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