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Should There Be Mysteries of GOD?

Many people still wonder how Adam did it; how he named each and every animal GOD created before HE created him in HIS own image and after HIS own likeness.

Adam was living a normal life though to us now it is a mystery how he lived and he was keen in naming Eve and calling her a woman.

A mystery is a mystery because its truth is hidden from man and only who live above the realm of flesh can access the realm of the spirit where mysteries abound. It occurs to me that what we call mysteries are actually what GOD has prepared for man to live as HE desires him to live. As man fell short of the glory of GOD by disobedience, HE could no longer trust him with these things.

So as man gets close to GOD by obeying HIS commands, the mysteries of GOD will become natural or normal to him. he begins to live in that realm of live Adam was living before eating the forbidden fruit of good and evil. And that is why man needs restoration through JESUS CHRIST. GOD desires that we live above survival but in exploit and conquest of the things HE had created for our pleasures and HIS pleasures.

Actually, GOD derives pleasure from how we utilize whatever HE gives to us to control or manage. When Adam named every animal and plant, GOD did not feel bad because Adam was actually doing what GOD would have done. It is in that we are doing GOD’s will by choice and not by compulsion that gives HIM pleasure and delight.

HE is looking for people that will come close to HIS Garden once again and live the live HE had purposed for us before the beginning. Mysteries are only mysteries because we are falling short of HIS glory; because we are not at peace with. Get close to GOD so that HE can get close to. HE loves us but sin has separated us from HIM so depart from sin and you would witness firsthand how infinite HIS Love is to you!

Peace To The Wise!

Absolute Totality

Many people have deduced a saying that we are not moved by what we see or feel but by the truth HIS Word reveals from IICorinthians5:7. But I say I am moved by what I feel because I feel the Word of GOD.

Apart from what we also refer to as living; which is purpose of a man on earth, GOD is also interested in what we refer to as daily living for surviving and being in good health. We must understand that GOD is not only interested in the purpose HE has allotted to each of us but how we also live that life that we think GOD is not really concerned about. HE is both interested in the content and the container.

When a man is dominated by the world system, everything he does from menial living up to career level is determined by the system and so should it be when we give our lives to the KINGDOM System of GOD. Every of our lives be it secular and social must be born out of the WORD of GOD which is Spirit and Life.

Let the Word dictates what you read, eat, wear, hear and say. The Word of GOD is not meant to stay in the Spiritual state; it must translate to the flesh and blood that we portray each and every day. Let the Word of GOD restructure our anatomy to what GOD designed it to be before the fall of man. When there is a tweak in the spiritual, it must manifest in the physical which is why we do things that we would not do normally in our mind. Whenever a man does contrary to what he believes, it shows that his spirit is not right with GOD and the mind no matter how sophisticated it is would only reveal the rottenness of the spirit.

We should let GOD take absolute control of our lives both in living as a purpose and living as maintaining or keeping the physical body. Absolute totality is what HE desires. HE desires that everything about us should function according to HIS grand purpose.

Peace To The Wise!

Do not stay there . . . Move!

Many people of the former generation have made a mistake of staying in a place even when things are not fruitful. . . They just stay there because they fear what the future holds for them if they abandon their current position.

This issue has made many people stereotypic and keeps them from journey to their Canaan land. Some that are privileged build a castle for themselves while those that are not privileged accept fate and make struggle their daily bread.

What GOD desires for us is that we journey through this life till we end up in our Canaan and begin to do that which GOD desires for us in that particular place.

In the Bible there accounts of people being under a ruler and an apprentice under a master. There is none of these examples that the people did not move out from the grasp of the ruler or receive “freedom” from their master. Even JESUS only discipled the disciples for 3.5 years before HE died, resurrected and ascended into Heaven.

GOD in any way does not encourage servitude and will never do. HE instructs people to move out when it is time and showed HIS against any master or ruler who failed to release HIS people. HE also made things hard for HIS people if they are to convenient in what they see as Canaan but it’s actually Goshen.

GOD desires fruitfulness for HIS in diverse manners; HE is not a stereotypical GOD who keeps people for doing the same thing all over again just for the saje of survival. GOD is never interested in making a set of people self-sufficient alone but rather, HE desires that they be a source of blessing to other set of people. So after delivering them from their ruler or instructing their master to release them, it is not so that they should camp midway and begin to fend for themselves or depend solely on the milk of GOD.

Peace To The Wise!

Living Tomorrow Today . . .

It is not a feeling of grandeur or conspiracy when I say that the present situation is not pleasant to GOD in many ways. HE is waiting for that time that had already been set when people will please HIM by default though it is by choice. Their choice would be to have no choice other than to please HIM all the time.

David, Daniel, Micah, Ezekiel, Peter, Paul, and John were among those who lived their lives as the Testimony of CHRIST. All/Most of their actions and responses were based on witnessing JESUS. People thought they were crazy and out of their minds but the Spirit of the LORD witnessed CHRIST and gave them the assurance of eternity.

People called them crazy because they refused to live a rotten presence by living a glorious future even in their own present times. These people were living in GOD’s present which to the world and complacent disciples was the future that never came or was distant from their today. It is better to live in the future now than to live in the present that GOD has abandoned.

But there will come, a time when GOD will change the order of thing by making corrections to the offsets between the earth and HIS Heavenly Kingdom. Though it is a restoration of balance between the Heaven and the earth, the world would see it as chaos and only those who are living tomorrow today that would be left untouched no matter how severe the chaos may seem to be. In fact, they will benefit from this chaos while others are wasting away. It is not that GOD is unjust. No! HE is only responding to people according to their choices!

Peace To The Wise!

Love is the basis of The KINGDOM Culture . . .

In Exodus 19:6, GOD called Israel the Holy Nation and Kingdom of Priests. HE told them to come unto HIM that HE may write HIS Laws upon their hearts. HE even called them HIS First Born which signifies that GOD wanted many Sons unto HIMSELF.

HE did not want them to conquer by war but by Love; HE wanted them to serve as Priests so as to lead other nations into the presence of the LORD so that they can be come holy as HE is holy. If Love is essence and being and HIS Word is who HE is, it confirms that whatever GOD wanted to achieve through the Israelites was not what happened after they rejected HIS encounter.

But in Micah4:3, GOD was saying that in the days to come, people would no longer need swords or spears but plowshares and pruninghooks. This means that instead of war and destruction order, beauty and fruitfulness would be the order of the day. The energy people use for waging war against will be used for producing beauty and wealth.

The only force that can produce beauty and fruitfulness is Love for it is through the Love of GOD and the love for man that man creates solutions for the problems that abound in this world. By these creations, people would automatic go through processes they should not have gone through voluntarily. They will begin to subscribe to the system love has created in being a solution to a problem.

Had Israelites agreed with the LORD, Amorites, Hittites, Jebusites would have been remembered as part of the LORD’s people till today. But because they refused, GOD had to do things based on their choices. Their relationship with GOD would have birthed something great in the hearts. Imagine the whole Israelites acting and responding to issues with Love in their hearts (as Priests); carrying the burden of other nations till they accept GOD. It would have been a glorious sight!

Peace To The Wise!

Preemptivity of Wisdom

There is so much adoration for bravery and cleverness but to me, it is most times a show of how unwise we really are.

Bravery is when you act against a heavy obstacle or a powerful opponent; it is sheer bravery when you do it all alone.

Cleverness is when you attend to a matter that has reached near doom and requires much skillfulness and ingenuity.

WISDOM is not bravery nor is it cleverness. It is more of winning without battle/war and solving problems before they even appear to be a problem. Wisdom is what will ensure peace in a nation; it is what will put it in order. Bravery and cleverness are just like short term qualities needed in executing what wisdom has conceptualize.

Let no man think bravery can sustain him till the end for he will wear out along the way and even if he makes it to the end, his rest would be spent in recovery.

Let no man think cleverness can take him till the end for at a point in his journey, he will meet a situation that is beyond his cleverness. At most, he will devise inappropriate means to scale through huddles. And at the end, he would be paranoid for he knows that he has not provided lasting solution to the problems he faced.

It is wisdom to think ahead and design processes for the journey ahead. It also wisdom not to show bravery when team dynamics is available; it is wisdom to attend to matters definitely and not cut corners just to evade the problems.

The unpalatable truth is that solutions provided through WISDOM is never appreciated at first; it is always seen as bad at the onset but after all is said and done, it would surely be celebrated and accorded due accolades but this may be in the absence of those who initiated it.

Peace To The Wise!

Relativity of Normal . . .

“What is normal to you may not be normal to me” This is one of the common sentences that arise whenever there is an argument or a misunderstanding between people of different and diverse view of life.

But the real question should be to ask and inquire what is normal to GOD. What does GOD see as normal or abnormal?

I recently discovered through the help of the HOLY SPIRIT that part of Psalms23 that says “HE restores my soul” is pointing to the mindset of GOD that was taking from him long ago during the fall of Adam and ultimately the splitting that occurred at Babel.

Now people see other sets of people as abnormal because they do not conform or agree to their beliefs. In fact, there are many beliefs that people are no longer united in aim and objectives. Each set now have sets of aims and objectives based on what they perceive as normal.

There is a different set of people that other sets agree unanimously about their abnormality and this is the set that dares and thrive to be restored to the original mindset GOD had for everyone.

I discovered that as the HOLY SPIRIT enlightens our hearts and minds, we are restored to the mind of CHRIST to an appreciable degree. But as we cultivate the mind of CHRIST and conform to it in the process, people with other mindsets see us as abnormal set of people even as we conform to the right mindset.

The fall of Adam and the coming together of the people in Babel are the major causes of abnormality the world refers to as normal. But by the HOLY SPIRIT, we can come together again but unto a holy cause so that we can be restored to the Garden of GOD.

Peace To The Wise!

Brother like a friend. Friend like a brother

Proverbs 18:24

I believe that the Bible is rounded but verses like this always make me believe more that the Bible is the manual needed to search out how GOD wants us to live.

When the Bible says there is a friend that sticks closer than a brother, then there should also be a brother that plays or relates with one than a friend would . . . It goes for both side and that is GOD’s design for us for not being lonely 🙂 . Which means when you are away from home, there are people that you would see as family but are not really your biological family. When you are with them, you miss your biological family a lot less. This is not to say you do not like your family anymore but that you have nurtured a relationship somewhere that makes you feel what you feel at home.

And the same goes for when we are at home. The relationship between our family members must be one that is not too shrewd but gives room for guided individual expressions that one enjoys outside home. Whenever we are away from friends, home you should be where to feel what we always feel when we are with friends.

Moving up the ladder, parents are supposed to be the children’s disciplers I.e. they should be the first to initiate a discipleship relationship with their children before they experience the ones outside. And also dsciplers outside are also meant to take the proper roles of parents though they are not biological parents. When parents take the role of disciplers as part of the roles, disciplers must also take the role of parents as part of the roles.

But there is a relationship that one should endeavour to start/maintain and that is the fellowship relationship with GOD. HE is indeed a friend that sticks closer than the skin when we give HIM the space HE requires to fellowship with us. With HIM, no loneliness can override the feeling that HE is with us and we are in HIM. HE is a Brother (JESUS), Friend (HOLY SPIRIT) and Father (GOD).

Peace To The Wise!

Micah 4: 1-5

When I was reading these passages and I got to the part that says nations will stream into the mountain of the LORD. As I was ruminating on the text, I remember one of my earlier posts about channel and valves that are supposed to direct people and not necessarily control them.

Which confirms that for people to flow into the mountain of the LORD there must be channels/pipes and valves that are responsible for leading people to that mountain without veering away from the path GOD has chosen for people to follow . . .

The channels are people dedicated to teaching the ways of the LORD to those that are thirsty for GOD for how will people flow into it without a designed channel for that main purpose. Perhaps the reason why nations have never been flowing is because there are no enough channels that should be responsible for leading people in that right way that leads to the LORD’s House . . .

Peace To The Wise!

Earth. Water. Fire. Wind

Here is the mystery that lies in GOD’s creation:

GOD formed man from moisten earth and gave him the breath of life . . . But whenever he wants to purify and strengthen HE uses fire.

Even after making a man with earth which signifies the flesh, he nourish him with water which is the WORD (which is also the spirit and life) and solidify him with experiences and hardship that comes his way and that signifies fire. And after all these, HE now directs and controls him wherever HE wants him to go.

These are the elements of life that some people have twisted for their unholy purposes but it is actually the spiritual essence of it that GOD is interested. That a man of flesh will subject himself to the WORD of GOD and endure hard times without compromise and even after his triumph by scaling through and becoming stronger, he will still submit to the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT (John3:8).

To every earth there must be some moisture content and this is what will be operating in the earth before the rain comes upon the earth. Which means that the first fruitfulness of man is willing and yielding to GOD, expecting showers of rain to add to what is already inside of him . . .

Peace To The Wise!