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GOD is “Binarial!”

I have heard people say GOD is a GOD of all or none and I agree . . . HE does not compromise or stay in a dilemma because HIS yes is yes and no is no.

Even upon all the complexities of the modern day systemized equipment, everything still boils down to the simplest numbers 1 and 0. All information is basically based on yes or no which is encoded in 1s and 0s. So when operators try to cut corners in utilizing a particuar system, they end up shorting its lifespan.

The same is with GOD! You are either obeying HIM or not. There is nothing like partial obedience because HE is GOD of all or none. You either subscribe to HIM fully or stay clear off HIM. Trying to cut corners in HIM would lead to a disaster far more grave than the one who stays clear off HIM.

Peace To The Wise!

Samson No Try o!

As I was trying to push a factory slide with a co-worker yesterday, owing to the difficulty in pushing the door, he said “Samson try o” but I replied him without thinking: “Samson no try o na GOD help am.”

Which makes me think that many people have claimed their exploits in GOD as their own because they have derailed from HIS path or never attest to the truth that GOD is the reason for their exploits.

Samson would have told Delilah and the Philistines that GOD was the source of his strength and they would have done nothing about his hair. Come to think of it, on a normal day, when you see a strong man like Samson having a style of hair different from others, is it not logical for people to guess accurately that Samson’s locks is the “source” of his power? – because he was declared a Nazarite from birth . . .

GOD blinded them to see the obvious thing staring them in the eye. Having locks is not the source of his power but obeying GOD by keeping it.

Unless our exploits is void of GOD, whatever we do in GOD must be known to men that GOD is the author and the finisher.

Peace To The Wise!

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This blog is an outlet of GODly issues of the heart and the regurgitation of the mind based on the same . . .

To know the person, you must read the heart . . . Men must endeavour to speak the heart of GOD and act according to the mind of CHRIST.