The Benefactor, Channel and Beneficiaries

The Benefactor, Channel and Beneficiaries

Kola is a good, benevolent business man with the habit of employing workers whose employers maltreat by placing demands that are beyond their capacities with meager payments. He specializes in assimilating , training and putting them to work that matters. After assimilation, Kola keeps them under the leadership of his most trusted employee by the name – Wole who is in control of his business. Wole is wise and full of empathy. He was trained by Kola and at a particular point in time, Kola entrusted all that he has to him.

Wole is the first success Kola recorded and he is always pleased with him because he is a perfect representation of him. What Wole attained through Kola’s tutelage never diminished and this has always been a source of joy to Kola. Therefore, it is Kola’s delight to put the inexperienced and unethically used employees under Wole’s care so they can learn what he had taught him. This is what Kola does from time to time.

Because these people are mix of all sorts from different beliefs, cultural and religious backgrounds, different people responded to Wole’s tutelage differently although there is a standard response that Kola wanted.

Free, yet in bondage . . .

Some employees on leaving from their cruel employers fail to unlearn the way things are done at their former places of employment yet they desire to subscribe to Wole’s tutelage. They operate based on the rules of their former employers while they claim to be operating under the rules of Wole’s leadership. Wole was in all manners unlike them but they do not stop to relate with him like those cruel men. Although they are being treated well, they are still holding on to the coping mechanisms of stealing, fraud and forgery as forms of survival. They have the chance to start life afresh daily and to make up for what they had lost but they are too attached to their old ways and fail to integrate themselves into Kola’s business empire.

Because Kola and Wole are very considerate and have perfect understanding of where they are coming from, they will allow them to grow at their own pace as opposed to the initial intention. Their development and growth will be very slow and they will always fall short of what is expected of them.

The level of growth of the trainees depend on their total adherence to the modus operandi for running Kola’s business.

Blinded by Opportunities and Privileges . . .

Some workers actually disengage themselves from the ways of their former employers and subscribe wholly to working with Kola through Wole as long as possible. But while working and learning under Wole, their  exposures to possibilities, opportunities and privileges keep them from seeing beyond where they are. They become completely blown away by the beauty and the pleasure available to them so they decide to major on these opportunities instead of moving on with Wole who has something more rewarding for them. They are not ready to accept the truth that their present condition is just part of the stages that will lead them to the designed destination.

But Kola and Wole will not struggle with them. Wole will stay with them for a while and not forever; hoping, imploring that they will yield to to instructions and pay less attention on the present opportunities and privileges and focus on what lies ahead.

If it pleases Kola, he will intervene and most times, his intervention involves cutting these opportunities and privileges that are keeping them spell bound on a spot.

Distracted by Self-gratification . . . 

Some workers successfully eased themselves out of the mentalities they acquire from their cruel employers. They learned from Wole but their shortcoming is the distractions that come in form of what they can achieve on their own. They are only focused on what will boost their images and promote their name. They begin to act rebelliously to Kola’s rules by refusing to conform to Wole’s leadership and instructions.

But the more they branch away from Wole’s instructions, the harder they work trying hard to upgrade themselves to the status of Kola. The dangerous part is that they are moving ahead with what they are learning from Wole. This helps them make progress but they are not aware of the damages they are causing themselves. What they do not know is that the independence they are seeking from the general board that grants license to operate Kola’s kind of business was chaired by the same Kola.

It will be a rude shock when they meet Kola during the interview that will lead to their independent. All they are working for outside Kola will be for nothing because they will fail to meet the requirements of the board – the requirements they will automatically  meet if they stay under Wole’s tutelage.

Staying True . . .

Among these categories of workers, some exhibit willingness and yieldedness to the commands and corrections of the Kola and Wole. Although they are unable to unlearn the ways of their cruel employers at the beginning of their experience with Wole, as soon as they are made aware of it, they seek the help of Wole. Although they are complacent when they are told not to dwell on the opportunities and privilege they see along the way, they quickly free themselves  from trappings of opportunities and continue learning from Wole. Although they think they could be like Kola on their own, one pull from Wole is enough to draw them back to stay under the authority of Kola.

They are not perfect candidates at the very beginning, but the remembrance of where they are coming from and the consciousness of Kola’s goodwill kept them true to the learning process.

Their quick response to Wole’s words of encouragements and disciplinary actions help them stay focus. With time, they understand to depth the very reason they were employed. And as they continue to learn and work, they begin to realize that their training is to be just like Wole in their own different capabilities.

The joy they have when they meet with Kola on the last day of their training is priceless, much more than the joy they had during their transition from under their cruel employers.

Kola gives them independence and releases them to pursue whatever they want to pursue but their lifestyles are already formed after Kola way of life. And just like Wole, they are now sources of joy to Kola.

Matthew 11: 28 -30


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