SAINT’s FOCUS: Of Family and Tutelage

SAINT’s FOCUS: Of Family and Tutelage

“But you do not be called ‘RABBI’; for ONE is your TEACHER, the CHRIST, and you are all brethren.

Do not call anyone on earth your father; for ONE is your FATHER, HE who is in Heaven.

And do not be called TEACHERS; for ONE is your TEACHER, The CHRIST.”

Matthew 23: 8-10

Most of the deep teachings of CHRIST were for the Disciples’ consumption and edification. HE spoke many words to them and gave instructions and commandments they were meant to live by. It does not suggest or prove in any way that one is under the law when s/he has these instructions written on his/her mind and heart. The complete and diligent obedience to these teachings, instructions and commands are by all standards compulsory for our perfect restoration to GOD’s design.

True Discipleship: GOD, JESUS and Us

True Discipleship: GOD, JESUS and Us
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25. JCH5: 15-23

This is the perfect example of Father-Son relationship. The only example of discipleship and fatherhood we should strive to follow always. It is a relationship based on love and trust. A relationship based on the equality as the goal of the discipler (CHRIST) and obedience and honour as the elements to be found in the life of the disciple (Saints). Though GOD had given CHRIST the freedom and authority to judge, CHRIST would not do anything except the Father approves. Whatever He said or did was a function of GOD’s heart per time. Although He also had things to say that were evidently from the same GOD yet He would not speak them until GOD gave the permission

Sharing CHRIST

Sharing CHRIST
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8. JCH 1: 41-45

Andrew was one of the first to follow CHRIST but he was not selfish to introduce his brother – Peter to CHRIST – that is True Discipleship and Evangelism. Discipleship to him at that point was not different from evangelism. He did not wait for CHRIST to be visible in his life before he started telling people about HIM because CHRIST was physically with them and he started right from his family by inviting Peter who happened to be his brother . . .

Product. Process. Creation. Process. Product

There is one thing I discovered in life and it is both applicable in our walk with GOD and our response to issues and our ability to make research.

Most of the times, GOD always attract people by showing them signs and wonders that prove that indeed HE is GOD. After these supernatural incidence, each beneficiary is meant to be inquire and go deeper than just enjoying the blessings but striving to know the root of the blessing.

GOD started from creation and furthered by process till HE arrived at the product and rest. But man on the other hand is meant to be curious about what made the product what it is and trace it down to the process and the creation where it all began. It is when man has grasped to reasonable extent what GOD had done that he can now replicate this feat (by the help of the HOLY SPIRIT). He will not only be a beneficiary but a blessing himself; his will be able to function in the likeness of GOD.

The same with education/discipleship. Students are meant to be taken through process of a particular occurrence down to the root cause and this can only be done when subjects that are interwoven are merged together so that students can get full grasp of what initialise a particular product. From that initial point, the students can start to create and process an idea into a product.

The same with mentorship/discipleship; disciplers are not meant to make the disciples follow their dreams but only teach them the principles behind being successful in chasing one’s dream. The principles are immutable and cannot be likened to experience for experience is only the aggregate of a man’s response to issues pertaining his dream. So let no one make his experience a principle for people to study but as an example that aligns with the immutable principles. These principles are the foundation upon which all standard examples are based.

Peace To The Wise!