FAMILY: The True Model Of A Nation


Proverbs 1: 8-9

Even though the Church that has CHRIST as her Head is designed to determine whatever is going on in the very hearts of nations, GOD has made the attributes and similitude of both Church and nation to be embedded in a singular entity or unit called Family. Just like the cells in the body are the units of important systems like the heart and the brain, so is the family the unit system responsible for mirroring in a miniature manner how the Church and the nations GOD rules and leads to function.

The first chapter of the Book of Proverbs mentions the responsibilities of each member of the family almost in passing but the picture it paints about the family in coherence with national operation could not have been clearer than it is. Each member of the unit has been burdened gracefully with the responsibilities that the success of the unit hinges on without the luxury of overlooking one for the other.

Life is a School

Many students talk about life after school; about what life holds for them after being tutored for some particular number of years.

In my own life after school, I have found out that life itself is a school and what we generally refer to as school is part of life which is the ultimate learning environment.

Whatever we learn in school are like windows for each student to picture the reality of what life is all about . . . For example, as Law is studied or practiced for the purpose of restoring/maintaining peace and order in a society, Medicine is also studied or practiced for the purpose of restoring/maintaining peace and order in the biological system of man.

Whatever we learn in our different fields of study can be applied to issues of life by means of extrapolation. Every body is a philosopher if we all observe diligently.

We must also know that education is about who we become rather than what we have or become. And in the education that life proffers, there are things/issues that are non-negotiable if we want to be what we are made to be.

Let us take a journey into the subjects-courses of life:

1. Law and Responsibility: Matthew 11: 28-30

Whenever there is law, responsibilities must be taken up by people to uphold the law. Now that you are alive (accepted the Law of life). what is/are your responsibility(ies) for being alive?

CHRIST can give you HIS Law and Responsibility. HE will give you your own little piece of bread out of the whole lump.

2. Probability and Potentiality: Matthew13:8; Genesis 2:15-17

A man of responsibility would soon discover what he is supposed to do to uphold the Law of life . . . Very soon he would leave the realm of probability to that if potentiality. The individual would have passed from asking “is this right or wrong for me?”, “Do I need to venture into this business or not?” to “How well things should be done”

3. Emotion and Intelligence: Matthew22:36-40; Psalms 19:7a

Emotion deals with what you feel while intelligence deals with you think based on how you feel . . . The two elements are from the same source – The Soul but many times we have been taught to believe that they work separately and indecently if each other.

Productivity of one’s responsibility depends on how well he can process the information (emotion) he revives from the environment for the benefit of people around him – and that is intelligence.

If our works would have life i.e function to solve genuine problems, the two must work together. And for our works to have eternal value and solve genuine problems that only GOD has answers to, we must let HIS Word determine what we feel and what we think.

4. Compassion and Resources: Matthew 14:14; Matthew 15:32

A passionate heart does things because he loves to but a compassionate heart is given to how well his passion has helped others. A compassionate heart is given to feedback . . .

It is the willingness to actually affect lives that naturally gives way to opened doors of resources but the ability to administer these rightly will show how compassionate we really are . . . This means that after we must have found reason to live, are we passionate or compassionate about it? Are we discovering ourselves just to improve ourselves only or to improve lives of people around us?

5. Possessors and Possessions: Matthew 19:16-22

A possessed man is not only a man that is possessed by someone or something; he is also a man who possesses someone or something. If we claim and boast of possessions that we possess, we must also know that these possessions are also our possessors. As we gain control of things and people, they will in turn shape our thoughts and manners.

What we must possess is not a matter of what but who. And this possession is the Life we discovered in CHRIST from the beginning. The moment we choose something to pursue or seek, the same thing becomes what would determine how our life goes . . .

6. Prodigy and Pedigree: Matthew7:21-27; Genesis1:26-27

Prodigy has to do with having exceptional skills and abilities while pedigree is defined as one’s lineage or the record of what a man has accompanies hand how he accomplished them.

Whatever pedigree a man has from himself all started with his prodigy. Pedigree would be a record of how well he has used his innate abilities or acquired skills.

When all is said and done, and we are are faced with the test of times, then we would know those who have lived a lie or truth. Whenever our experiences are collated and summed up together, it would be said if all our prodigies foster are lies or truth!

7. Salt and Light: Matthew5:13-16; Matthew6:30-33

Many people would probably ask “How can all these things be?”. It all seems complicated . . . Some might think. But in the contrary, they can all be summed into two realms: salt and light!

The salt realm of life begins when the little you know or have us adding value to another man’s life in pursuit of his purpose. Even though you seem unnoticeable, your input is key in the person’s attainment of a particular thing.

This starts from solving people’s problem even when you are not getting credit for is as you should. In this realm, you will feel used and unnoticed sometimes but such is life . . .

As you begin to gather strength to move into the realm of shining your light, your shining would not cause discomforting glare in people’s eyes. As you eventually shine, they ready have light bearers who they have encountered during your time in the salt realm. These people be the ones to bear your light before people without necessarily decreasing your intensity.

* * *

Whatever we are meant to be is already defined in GOD. The ultimate education is our walk with GOD in order to attain the life HE has purposes for us.

Find GOD! HE is the only ONE who knows what you are here to do and who you are here to become!

Peace To The Wise!

Product. Process. Creation. Process. Product

There is one thing I discovered in life and it is both applicable in our walk with GOD and our response to issues and our ability to make research.

Most of the times, GOD always attract people by showing them signs and wonders that prove that indeed HE is GOD. After these supernatural incidence, each beneficiary is meant to be inquire and go deeper than just enjoying the blessings but striving to know the root of the blessing.

GOD started from creation and furthered by process till HE arrived at the product and rest. But man on the other hand is meant to be curious about what made the product what it is and trace it down to the process and the creation where it all began. It is when man has grasped to reasonable extent what GOD had done that he can now replicate this feat (by the help of the HOLY SPIRIT). He will not only be a beneficiary but a blessing himself; his will be able to function in the likeness of GOD.

The same with education/discipleship. Students are meant to be taken through process of a particular occurrence down to the root cause and this can only be done when subjects that are interwoven are merged together so that students can get full grasp of what initialise a particular product. From that initial point, the students can start to create and process an idea into a product.

The same with mentorship/discipleship; disciplers are not meant to make the disciples follow their dreams but only teach them the principles behind being successful in chasing one’s dream. The principles are immutable and cannot be likened to experience for experience is only the aggregate of a man’s response to issues pertaining his dream. So let no one make his experience a principle for people to study but as an example that aligns with the immutable principles. These principles are the foundation upon which all standard examples are based.

Peace To The Wise!