True Blessings

True Blessings

29. JCH6: 1-15

GOD already knows what He would do because He knew the end from the beginning. So whatever situation GOD opens our eyes to see or notice has already been settled by GOD. What He wants from us is Trust. He is our help and our provision. The situation that we find ourselves may look impossible but it is GOD’s way of showing us that He can do all things and that only He can call forth what is not as though they were.


1Samuel 3:1-5; Genesis 49:3

In any war or battle, the most saddening and devastating outcome each of the sides would want to prevent is the loss of the lives of children. These are supposed to be custodians or bearers of posterity for generations to come. There are battles needed to be fought before any one tries to procreate and be responsible for lives . . .

It is something to ponder that though David had three wives, he did not bear children until his adversaries could no longer pose a threat to his family, especially the children.

As it is imperative to marry right at the right time, so it is imperative to give birth to children at the right and conducive time for their nurturing. Children must be born in might and the beginning of strength as well as the excellency of strength and power.

This is because they must grow and be nurtured in a condition that is controlled by the parents and that prepares them for what the future holds. They must be raised in an environment that has been taken charged by the people that are meant to nurture them. Their grooming/growing place must be secured!