SAINT’s FOCUS: Of Family and Tutelage

SAINT’s FOCUS: Of Family and Tutelage

“But you do not be called ‘RABBI’; for ONE is your TEACHER, the CHRIST, and you are all brethren.

Do not call anyone on earth your father; for ONE is your FATHER, HE who is in Heaven.

And do not be called TEACHERS; for ONE is your TEACHER, The CHRIST.”

Matthew 23: 8-10

Most of the deep teachings of CHRIST were for the Disciples’ consumption and edification. HE spoke many words to them and gave instructions and commandments they were meant to live by. It does not suggest or prove in any way that one is under the law when s/he has these instructions written on his/her mind and heart. The complete and diligent obedience to these teachings, instructions and commands are by all standards compulsory for our perfect restoration to GOD’s design.

Healing Is A Given!

Healing Is A Given!
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23. JCH5: 1-9

The healing at the pool of Bethesda was a seasonal one but CHRIST came to offer this man a healing that was available in all seasons. The man was full of complain and excuses because his 38 years experience had made him loose hope but CHRIST showed and gave him Hope. He was looking for a man to help but there came someone whose help is all that mankind would ever need.

The True Pentecost

Acts 2:1-13

There is a movement that is not based on mind sentiments but on the true heartset of the HOLY SPIRIT . . . A movement that is not acknowledging a particular issue in our walks with GOD over other issues that are as important. A movement based on the wholesomeness GOD is offering to HIS people as a means of salvation from the old ways.

The UnGODly: Who They Are!

Jude 3-4, 11, 24-25

The posture or stature of the unGODly is not necessarily of a person that is ignorant of the idea and personality of GOD. Most times it is of a person who operates in the grace of GOD just for the sake of fulfilling his desires. He shuts it heart from the change the grace of GOD brings from within but he greedily reaches out for the same grace when he is eager to make exploits.

The unGODly is one who enters the fold with an agenda that is contrary to that of the Shpeherd. He proclaims CHRIST but his actions are always against what CHRIST died for . . . He fails to embody GOD’s glory because he has failed to stay under the discipleship of CHRIST through the HOLY SPIRIT.

The UnGODly is given to competition among brethren as he also has monetary or material motive for everything he does in the midst of GOD’s people and naturally rebels against GOD by opposing those who are truly serving GOD with GOD as their motive.

The unGODly no more upholds the faith of CHRIST but that of self and he encourages/teaches others to do the same. He is bold in his declaration and confident in saying whatever evil is in his heart under the cloak of the gospel.

The UnGODly is zealous for cause not because it will portray CHRIST but because it will increase his sphere of influence and paint a certain picture he wants the people to see. He tries to create gray areas in the express and direct counsel of the LORD. To the unGODly, grace is a way of getting away with anything; it is a way to acquire what he has failed to acquire before entering the fold.

The Israelites at one time were unGODly because despite GOD’s wonders and salvation, their utmost desires were far from that of GOD. They were only interested in using GOD to compensate for what they had left behind and to have a better version of the life in Egypt while all GOD was asking them to do is accept the ‘New Life’ HE was offering them; a life that will completely change their nature from that of the UnGODly Egyptians.



Epistle of the Heart

2 Corinthians 3: 2-3

Jesus warned that no one should covet being a teacher. This is because according to Jesus, a teacher is meant to teach the people the ways and laws of God and His Kingdom; expounding mysteries for the sake of facilitating understanding in the hearts of disciples of CHRIST. So if a teacher teaches wrongly, he would be responsible for misleading people and ultimately generations that are yet to exist if the recipients do not unlearn.

If a teacher’s destination is the heart of the people, then we should fear by not taking the responsibility lightly. Most importantly, the heart of a teacher is the first point of notice. His heart would determine what would come out to the people and find place in their hearts. According to Paul’s inspired letter, the teacher’s heart would determine the lifestyle of the learners or students . . . The students’ lives would take form out of the abundance of his heart. The focus would not necessarily be the content of what has been said but the spirit from which the contents emerge from. This is because it is possible to concoct messages and contents according to the calculated mind without giving attention to the heart (the spirit) but this would not stop the heart from releasing its issues with the words that are coming out of the mouth.

What is in the heart/spirit of the teacher? Is it accumulation of experiences and knowledge outside God that has blended with the amount of God’s virtue that is also present? Are the words we speak merely take roots from the letters that have been read and studied cerebrally while the real words are embedded in the spirit that is responsible for voicing these cerebral words out? How come students/learners/disciples tend to do contrary to what the teacher teaches/preaches vehemently?

Although the students are responsible for either rejecting or accepting the spoken words, teachers should nevertheless, always endeavour to speak from the heart that is connected to the heart of the Father in Heaven. The teachers must endeavour to be faithful and devoted students to the Holy Spirit so that He can imprint in and upon their hearts true Words and Laws of God so that when they speak, they speak from the abundance of God in their hearts.

What will exonerate teachers from the shortcomings of the students would be the embodiment of the epistle of CHRIST they have been given to teach or preach . . .



There are three things among other things that GOD cherishes in our relationship and work with HIM. If these three things are taking seriously at heart, our relationship and work with GOD will be inseparable.

As the KING, GOD has a Kingdom and a Kingdom cannot function without Laws that would guide and inform the Kingdom’s purpose of existence. So, if The Kingdom and Law are the elements of ruling the hearts of men, what is the need for Faith? How helpful is Faith to the KING and HIS people?


Generally, the law can be a set of instructions written in order to guide a system for the purpose of functioning according to design. This means that law does not create a Kingdom but guides to function according to the Creator. There would always be satisfaction if the Kingdom is always functioning as it needs to function and even though the Kingdom is not created by the law, they must equally emerge from the same source.

In ancient times, it is often said that the king is the law i.e. Whatever the king declares stands as the law people should live by. In the Kingdom of the LORD, the Word of GOD is the Law because HE is what HE says and the Spirit from which the Words HE speaks from is the embodiment of HIS kingdom. According to the Holy Bible, the summary of the Kingdom of the LORD is righteousness, peace and joy in the Holy Spirit. This means that whoever is living in the reality of the Kingdom of the LORD, these three things must be his reality and this can only be possible if the Laws of the KING are being kept sincerely and cheerfully.


According to the book of Hebrew, Faith is the substance of the things hoped for and the evidence of the things not seen . . . So how does Faith relates to the Kingdom of the LORD and the Laws governing it?

From the Scriptures, it is evident that:

1. Law of GOD = HIS Word
2. Word of GOD = HIS person or Who HE is
>>>Therefore, The Law of GOD = GOD HIMSELF


1. Kingdom of GOD: King’s Domain
2. Domain: Everything was made by HIS Word

This means that whatever we see and not see i.e. whatever we know to be existing and the ones we are not aware of their existence were made by GOD’s Word. They are all from GOD. “The earth is the LORD’s and the fullness thereof . . .”

So, GOD asking us to have Faith is a way of saying that:

“I am My Word and My Word is Law; My Kingdom is a part of Me that I have spread in the hearts of My people on earth and even upon the earth itself. My Kingdom and My Law are both products of My Spirit. Can you just obey ME when I say a word to you in form of a command? Since I am the Law and you have accepted this same Law, can you just do things only because I say so even though it may not make sense in the immediate?”

If GOD speaks and HIS words become law and everything we see are products of the same words, it means there is more to GOD that can only be accessed through a relationship with HIS person. Faith is more of our relationship with the KING that founded the Kingdom and made the Law . . . If we accept the person of GOD and HIS Son JESUS CHRIST, then the Law would be natural to live by and the Kingdom will be our abode even as HE abides in us.

Faith is allowing GOD to live out HIS Kingdom and Laws from our within . . . Selah!


Relativity of Normal . . .

“What is normal to you may not be normal to me” This is one of the common sentences that arise whenever there is an argument or a misunderstanding between people of different and diverse view of life.

But the real question should be to ask and inquire what is normal to GOD. What does GOD see as normal or abnormal?

I recently discovered through the help of the HOLY SPIRIT that part of Psalms23 that says “HE restores my soul” is pointing to the mindset of GOD that was taking from him long ago during the fall of Adam and ultimately the splitting that occurred at Babel.

Now people see other sets of people as abnormal because they do not conform or agree to their beliefs. In fact, there are many beliefs that people are no longer united in aim and objectives. Each set now have sets of aims and objectives based on what they perceive as normal.

There is a different set of people that other sets agree unanimously about their abnormality and this is the set that dares and thrive to be restored to the original mindset GOD had for everyone.

I discovered that as the HOLY SPIRIT enlightens our hearts and minds, we are restored to the mind of CHRIST to an appreciable degree. But as we cultivate the mind of CHRIST and conform to it in the process, people with other mindsets see us as abnormal set of people even as we conform to the right mindset.

The fall of Adam and the coming together of the people in Babel are the major causes of abnormality the world refers to as normal. But by the HOLY SPIRIT, we can come together again but unto a holy cause so that we can be restored to the Garden of GOD.

Peace To The Wise!

Earth. Water. Fire. Wind

Here is the mystery that lies in GOD’s creation:

GOD formed man from moisten earth and gave him the breath of life . . . But whenever he wants to purify and strengthen HE uses fire.

Even after making a man with earth which signifies the flesh, he nourish him with water which is the WORD (which is also the spirit and life) and solidify him with experiences and hardship that comes his way and that signifies fire. And after all these, HE now directs and controls him wherever HE wants him to go.

These are the elements of life that some people have twisted for their unholy purposes but it is actually the spiritual essence of it that GOD is interested. That a man of flesh will subject himself to the WORD of GOD and endure hard times without compromise and even after his triumph by scaling through and becoming stronger, he will still submit to the leading of the HOLY SPIRIT (John3:8).

To every earth there must be some moisture content and this is what will be operating in the earth before the rain comes upon the earth. Which means that the first fruitfulness of man is willing and yielding to GOD, expecting showers of rain to add to what is already inside of him . . .

Peace To The Wise!

To control and to direct . . .

Though there is much similarity between controlling and directing, they are also different in some ways.

It is always necessary to control our environment by making sure unwanted things are not present in there; there is need to control animals, machines and even to control one’s body when necessary. But you are not meant to take control of human being! You are only meant to direct and make good use of their potentials.

Like a scalar and vector quantity so is a man with potential and no direction differs from a man with potential and sense of direction. A follower is like a water flowing vigorously or gently through a channel and it is the responsibility of a leader to direct this kinetic energy into something useful.

The speed of the water should be controlled if it would lead to waste and destruction but when the water is at the normal and reasonable speed, all the leader needs to do is to give it a sense of direction so all its energy can be utilised for the greater good.

To every man, there is a purpose and the role of the leader does not go beyond putting the follow on the path to fulfilling that purpose for no man should control the course another man’s life.

As GOD is only the one to be in control of mankind, so are we only to be in control of things around us that are not human. The best a man can do is to make a scalar-man a vectorial man. A man’s magnitude should not be tampered; one can only help another to discover strength but not try and increase or decrease it for everything we need has been coded in us and all we need is to discover.

The leader is like the channel with valves at each junction which are meant to control or direct the waters. The leader knowing the true way will guide the followers to the place he has been, shadowing the attributes of CHRIST.

A man can be controlled only if he is going aimlessly to doom without knowing it. So control is the last thing to resort to in governing people for our primary role is to direct people and lead them to follow the right way and this is meant for those that are already walking in that path . . .

Peace To The Wise!